​SAT 5 MAY 7:30pm | £8 Adv / £10 door

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Corpora Aliena ​presents ​‘Eclectic Electronics’


Saturday 5 May | doors 7.30pm – music ​8pm | £8 Adv /  £10 door  BUY TICKETS (Booking fee applies)


Corpora Aliena is pleased to present a concert of diverse experimental music performances based on the theme of ‘Eclectic Electronics’, and will include music performed on a bucket, a violin, and a guitar.
Included in the programme are; the American sound artist Bill Thompson, who will be giving a live improvised performance using a Moog electronic guitar with built in electronics pus miscellaneous table top devices and found objects; the London-based musician Electric Elizabeth, who will be investigating the sounds hiding in a metal bucket via contact microphones, elastic bands, various collected objects and the cheapest space echo delay that could be found; the London-based French musician Lola de la Mata will be performing with a mix of voice, violin, electronics: plus a screening of films by the Danish digital artist Stine Deja, whose recent collaborative exhibition with Marie Munk, ‘Synthetic Seduction’ was shown at the Annka Kultys Gallery, London.
The concert is an exciting opportunity to see and hear some of the leading musicians and artists who are a part of London’s experimental music and contemporary arts scene.


Bill Thompson


Bill Thompson. Photo Credit Martin Delaney


Bill Thompson (b.1970) is an American sound and video artist currently living in the UK. His work involves the combination of found objects, field recordings, repurposed live electronics, and digital media to create evolving structures for installation and live performance.. He performs as a soloist and with a number of groups including M/H/T with Jan Hendrickse and Tom Mudd, Airfield with choreographer Ian Spink, and in the past with Keith Rowe, Faust, EXAUDI and others.
As a sound artist, Thompson creates immersive environments that slowly shift and evolve over time and that focus listeners’ attention on the act of perception as much as on the work itself. His installations have been shown across the UK and abroad with his most recent being A Knowing Space premiering in London at Union Chapel in 2016.
Although originally trained as a guitarist, Thompson has worked with live electronics for the better part of 15 years. Since 2016/17, however, he has returned to guitar using one built by Moog combining built in electronics with miscellaneous table top devices, found objects, flashing lights, and the occasional vibrator.
He has earned numerous awards and commissions including the PRS for New Music ATOM award, the GAVAA visual arts award, a PRS for New Music Three Festival commission, the 2010 Aberdeen Visual Arts Award, and was nominated for the Paul Hamlyn Award in 2012.



Electric Elizabeth 


Electric Elizabeth Credit Anthony Bloxman


Electric Elizabeth was born on November 1st 2015 when the Noisevember project started that year. They’ve had fun learning how to investigate sounds using Audacity and enjoy plugging things in and not cause explosions. They are currently investigating the sounds hiding in a metal bucket via contact microphones, elastic bands, various collected objects and the cheapest space echo delay that could be found. The results are often surprising – and have been described as sounding like being on a haunted boat.


Stine Deja 


Stine Deja


Stine Deja (b.1986) is a Danish artist who and currently lives and works in London.  She received her MA in Visual Communication (Moving Image) from the Royal College of Art in 2015 and her BA in Interaction Design from Kolding School of Design in 2012.  A select exhibition history of the artist includes shows at Secret Project Robot, NY; Annka Kultys Gallery, London; Like a Little Disaster, Bari; Assembly Point, London; SixtyEight Art Institute, Copenhagen; Frieze, London; Concrete Lab, Copenhagen; Remisen, Copenhagen; Hockney Gallery, London; Fringe Film Festival, London; National Gallery of Denmark, Copenhagen; and No Man’s Art Gallery, Copenhagen.
In an age of digital dependency and mass migration to ‘virtual’ spaces Deja explores the overlaps and gaps, the malleable borders of the ‘real’ and the ‘virtual’. Digital technologies are now almost ubiquitous in every part of our lives and as they become more advanced and integrated they are also becoming more invisible.  Her work uses digital surrogates and narratives in her videos to emphasise the different ways that we have become distanced from ourselves and other people. A lot of Deja’s  work focuses on the irony and melancholy in modern social interactions and our society.


 Lola de la Mata


Lola de la Mata


Lola de la Mata (b.1991) is a London based artist, musician, and composer whose practice focuses around the body, collaboration and listening. Lola’s work ranges from monotypes and graphic scores, to installations and compositions for movement, voice, electronics and classical instruments.
She had an installation and a sound piece included in the First Engine Room Sound Art exhibition in February 2016, and later that year received an award for her composition Katinka, commissioned by the Tre Vocci Ensemble.
She has worked with dance companies and dance artists in Basel, Paris, Jersey, London, and New York. Most recently she performed with a dance group at Bow Arts in London, and at the Jersey Opera House.
Lola is the organiser behind the interdisciplinary artist group ‘Parallel Praxis’, which seeks to support and develop process and individual practice, to provide a wider network, and promote collaboration.
She has a album release on April 22nd, with Chicago net label- Pan y Rosas Discos.