Live Electronic Sound – website launch, performance, panel talk – Wednesday 2 November 7.30pm

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An evening of live electronic music, to celebrate the launch of the new website Live Electronic Sound featuring interviews with artists from around the world. The website was curated by Guy Harries and created together with Patrick Evans.

All of the artists on this night engage in performative approaches to live electronics. The evening will also include a panel discussion.

On the bill:

Yumi Hara & Guy Harries:

Sarah Angliss:


Xi-Mali Kadeena-Guscoth:

The project is supported by the University of East London.


Xi-mali Kadeena-Guscoth is an electro-acoustic musician who primarily uses microphones and feedback to create a spatial form of music. He performs primarily with other musicians and uses games and explorations as a way to fuel artistic collaboration.

HARMERGEDDON is Nathan + Fae Greywater || London based a/v performance art duo formed in 2010.
From the unwanted, unheard and unseen they create instruments, installations, sound pieces and visuals improvised as a feedback loop between gesture and combined consciousness. Consumed electronics, kinetic pulse, drifting texture, undulating drone, amber cloud, alternating current, corrosive rain, dots behind the eyes, light becomes sound, rebuilt from the ground up with whatever comes to hand.

P52 – Born in 1987 in South Wales, Patrick grew up in Camden, North London. Having been part of various musical projects from 2000 onwards, he was later to achieve success in touring parts of Europe and North America as well as recording 4 albums with ’52 Commercial Road’. He has also recorded original music for a number of films including 2014’s documentary about the miner’s strike of 1984 – ‘Still the Enemy Within’. In 2013 he began a BA in Music Culture, Theory and Production at University of East London from which he graduated in the summer of 2016. He is now studying a Music MA at Goldsmith’s University London.

Yumi Hara & Guy Harries
Yumi and Guy’s first performance of their ’Sound Rituals’ was at a Kurt Vonnegut tribute event at Café OTO in 2011. Inspired by Vonnegut’s novel Galapagos, the duo’s improvisations are a form of retro-futuristic shamanism in a post-apocalyptic world where musical instruments have been lost and a new music is created using the debris of civilisation.
Since then, the duo has attracted international attention and has performed at Druskomanija Festival in Lithuania and across Japan, including the JASMIM conference in Kyoto. Their releases include Sonic Rituals (2014, Migro) and WHEELS within WHEELS (2015, Sombre Soniks), and they are currently working on a new album in collaboration with Haco.
They are also highly active individually in avant-rock and contemporary art music. Guy is a member of the POW Ensemble, and Yumi performs with The Artaud Beats (with Chris Cutler, John Greaves and Geoff Leigh), Tim Hodgkinson and Tatsuya Yoshida among others.
Guy and Yumi

Sarah Angliss is a composer, performer, roboticist and sound historian.
A prolific live musician, Sarah’s known for her skills on theremin which she combines live with Max, electronics, recorder, saw, keyboard and her many found sounds and field recordings. On stage, she’s often accompanied by musical automata – machines she’s been devising and building since 2005 to give her stage performance an arresting and uncanny physical presence.
Sarah also works in theatre, creating distinctive sounds that blur the boundaries between sound design and musical composition. Sarah’s work reflects her lifelong fascination with ancient music, faded variety acts and defunct machines. Though her music, performance and writing, she explores the uncanny properties of technology, revealing resonances between European folklore and early notions of electricity and sound.
Sarah is currently completing her solo album Ealing Feeder and working as sound designer on Hart and Kaufman’s 1930 play Once in a Lifetime (for The Young Vic, directed by Richard Jones). Funded by a Jerwood Opera Writing Fellowship and supported by Aldeburgh Music, she’s also composing Giant, an opera about the life, death and contentious afterlife of Charles Byrne (working with librettist Ross Sutherland).