Tue 30 May 8PM | £7/5

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Milo Thesiger-Meacham: Tue 30 May 8PM | £7 on the door / 5 conc. 














Milo Thesiger-Meacham

Born 1997, Milo Thesiger-Meacham is an artist, experimental musician and composer, instrument builder and performer. His latest release under the name Viewfound is Memorate on Shimmering Moods Records (also available via Norman Records): “a domestic dimension already populated by memories sculpted through sound” – Raffaella Russo (Music Wont Save Us). Viewfound pieces have appeared elsewhere, including a contribution to Unexplained Sounds Group (feat. Steve Reich) and the soundtrack to Little Tsunamis, a film by Toby Clarkson (featuring Chris Watson). In 2016, Milo collaborated with filmmaker Kevin Ford and actor Ellar Coltrane (Richard Linklater’s Boyhood) to create a sound piece for radio, responding to their film By The River.

His recent works for radio include Trajectory for the global “Radia” network, broadcast on twenty stations internationally; and, as a member of the Resonance Radio Orchestra, The Death Of Kodak at Cockpit Theatre; the four part Heart Like A Duck at Radio V&A, London, and Chantry Farm, West Sussex; and the three part Larry Shipping at White Noise, London; Radiophrenia, CCA, Glasgow; and Radio Revolten, Halle, Germany. Milo also has a weekly show, Sculpt, on Resonance Extra. He occasionally exhibits publicly, and in 2015 he created his audio visual piece Tap, as an exploration of the Mcgurk effect. Milo’s work revolves around real-world circuit bending and the transposition of real-world elements, involving cross correspondence between otherwise unrelated components to create live audio visual environments, often to explore mystical and psychological phenomena.


His current project, Myrmomancy Music: An exploration in divined composition, is a commission of Resonance Extra, funded by Jerwood Charitable Foundation, with the support of Iklectik and in collaboration Morley College for The Engine Room

Witness a first in musical magick, as musicians play music composed live by ants. Myrmomancy, as an ancient method of divination, involves the prediction of the outcome of events, based on the observation and interpretation of the behaviour of ants. Myrmomancy Music aims to incorporate this practice into the process of composition. The ants will be gathered from around the venue, to allow them as a society to speak for the place as a site-specific representation of ants’ pheromone networks, that evoke the anthropological process of folklore enculturation. Using myrmomancy runes, created by drawing and mapping the movements of ants when exposed to each tone frequency of the twelve note octave, the musicians will act as rune casters as they observe the ants scurrying and touching the runes as a means of selecting tones to be played. The performance will be broadcast live on the groundbreaking branch of Resonance 104.4 FM, Resonance Extra