O YAMA O // Ken Ikeda // David Toop // Billy Steiger // Marie Roux // Ute Kanngiesser – Friday 16 September 8pm – £7/£5

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O YAMA O is a music project of Rie Nakajima and Keiko Yamamoto. They try to create a soundscape inspired by old Japanese folk tales, anthropology and domestic life routines etc.


Ken Ikeda is a composer born in Tokyo (1964) – currently living in New York. He has exhibited sound art and visual installations around the world. He often collaborates with artists, such as the painter Tadanoori Yokoo and artists Mariko Mori and Hiroshi Sugimoto. He has also composed and recorded for the filmmaker David Lynch.

David Toop (1949) is an English musician and author, and professor and chair of audio culture and improvisation at the London College of Communication. He was notably a member of The Flying Lizards. He was a prominent contributor to the British magazine The Face. He is a regular contributor to The Wire, a British music magazine.



Ute Kanngiesser is a German cellist based in London.

“For over 10 years, I have only played unscripted/improvised music. I have experimented with the sound of the cello, limiting myself to the alive material at hand: vast and complicated layers within the instrument and myself; and to let this music evolve continuously in relationship with others. It relates to the process of uncovering an endless multiplicity of coexisting sense perspectives. And it deals with the energy that this gives rise to. For me, it is the most exciting place to play music from.”

Most recent and regular collaborations are with Billy Steiger, Seymour Wright, Tom Wheatley, Paul Abbott, Ross Lambert, and Guillaume Viltard.