Sun 18 March 7pm | £8/6

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IKLECTIK presents:

ARC (30th anniversary) / Mark Sanders + Phil Durrant / Rachel Musson 

Sunday 18 March – doors 7pm – music 7.30pm | £8/£6




 Sylvia Hallett – violin and electronics

Danny Kingshill – cello

Gus Garside – double bass and electronics

The improvising electro-acoustic string trio Arc was formed in 1988 has performed since then with the same line up and has released three albums.

REMEMBERING (Uneasy Listening, 1992)

“A fantastic band who have assimilated much from contemporary classical music and have developed a sharp, intuitive common aesthetic”.. Resonance.

OUT OF AMBER (Slam, 1993)

“Indispensable for its profound beauty” Impro Jazz, France.

the pursuit of happiness (Emanem, 2009)

“teeming with subtle surprises” All About Jazz, New York.

“..creative immediacy in dialogue with historical echoes, a stimulating space where spontaneity and evocation coincide”. The Wire.

The group’s music has been described as ‘dramatic’, ‘sinister’, ‘witty’ and even likened to ‘a satanic horror movie score’ (though the person who described us thus also said “it was the best thing I’ve ever seen at Sonic Imperfections”). Their music is at times influenced by classical music, contemporary composition, Eastern European folk and improvised music

Sylvia Hallett  works as improviser and composer, often collaborating with theatre (RSC, Wonderful Beast) or dancers/choreographers (h2dance, Jacky Lansley, Miranda Tufnell),and Japanese silent film, accompanying screenings of Walk Cheerfully (Ozu) and A Page of Madness, in collaboration with shakuhachi player Clive Bell and benshi Tomoko Komura

Recent musical collaborations include “Sweet Tooth”, a music-dance piece by Elaine Mitchener, alongside Jason Yarde and Mark Sanders.

Musical contexts range from Cafe Oto (with David Toop, Rie Nakajima,) iklectik arts space (London Improvisers Orchestra, Catherine Pluygers, Adam Bohman), Hundred Years Gallery (Douglas Benford, Mark Brown, Chris Dowding) and The Old Dentist (the London Hardingfelelag, and poet Amy Cutler).

Danny Kingshill has worked as a player and musical director for Cyclops Theatre Company and the Amici dance company. He has wide experience as a workshop leader and is musical director at his local church and a choirmaster. He has been a member of improvising groups Boyg and In Sand and is a member of Tonbridge Philharmonic and the Medway quartet.

Gus Garside has worked in a variety of musical settings – jazz, contemporary music, rock, cabaret, dance, theatre and, most importantly, improvised music where he has performed with many leading players.

As well as playing in many one off improvising or contemporary music situations he regularly performs in The Static Memories, an electronic duo with Dan Powell) and the West Hill Blast Quartet, a free jazz quartet with Ron Caines, Dan Spicer and Andy Pyne .

He also creates structured improvisational compositions including The Star Field, The Sleepwalkers (featuring 10 of the leading improvising string players in the UK) and Collective Stories (a commission in Quebec with Grand Groupe Régional d’Improvisation Libérée).

Mark and Phil


Phil Durrant (modular synth & amplified objects)
Mark Sanders (drums and percussion)

Phil Durrant and Mark Sanders have been performing together since the late 1980s as a duo, trio with Alan Wilkinson, and for many years with Sarah Gail Brand and Pat Thomas in Lunge. This will be their second performance for the new modular synth/drums incarnation.

Born near London in 1957, Phil Durrant is an improviser/composer/sound artist who has devised his own virtual performance instruments using Reaktor. As a violinist (and member of the Butcher/Russell/Durrant trio), he was one of the key exponents of the “group voice approach” style of improvised music. In the late 90s, his trio with Radu Malfatti and Thomas Lehn represented a shift to a more “reductionist” approach.
Durrant’s exploration in the use of live electronics to expand the timbre of the violin, evolved into the creation and building of self-made virtual instruments. His live sampling/treatments duo with John Butcher and his work MIMEO, saw Durrant move from the use of hardware to the use of software in live situations. Recently he has returned to hardware and is currently using modular synth and amplified objects. Durrant also performs regularly with the acoustic/electronic group Trio Sowari (with Bertrand Denzler and Burkhard Beins) and Mark Wastell’s The Seen.

Mark has worked with a host of renowned musicians including Derek Bailey, Henry Grimes, Mathew Shipp, Evan Parker, Roswell Rudd, in duo and quartets with Wadada Leo Smith and trios with Charles Gayle with Sirone and William Parker.
In situations using composition Mark works in a number of projects including Christian Marclay’s Everyday for film and live music and John Butcher’s Tarab Cuts – both projects have performed major festivals throughout Europe and Brazil. He has performed works by guitarist John Coxon in Glasgow and Sydney playing with the Scottish and Sydney Symphony Orchestras. With New York’s ICE Ensemble he has performed John Zorn’s The Tempest in London and at Huddersfield New Music Festival.
Mark also works in the groups of Paul Dunmall including Deep Whole Trio with Paul Rogers, and the ensembles of Sarah Gail Brand, including a long-standing duo. He has a lengthy discography including a solo album, has performed internationally and played at major festivals including, Nickelsdorf, Ulrichsburg, Womad and notably at Glastonbury with legendary saxophonist John Tchicai.

rachel musson1















Rachel Musson – Tenor Saxophone

Rachel Musson is a saxophonist, improviser and composer living in London, UK. She is involved with a variety of improvisation projects, including a trio with Hannah Marshall and Julie Kjaer, a duo with vibraphonist Corey Mwamba, and a trio with Mark Sanders and John Edwards. She has released two albums under her own name, one featuring Liam Noble and Mark Sanders (Tatterdemalion, Babel Records), and one featuring her ensemble Skein (Flight Line, F-ire Recorded Music). She also plays with the London Improvisers Orchestra and Alex Ward’s Quintet and Sextet, as well as with a variety of other musicians on the fluid European improvising scene.