Upset The Rhythm presents…


Tuesday 16 November 2021 | 8:30pm (doors 7:30)

Tickets: £11 General Admission

ASTRID SONNE is a Copenhagen-based composer and viola player, using playing and listening as the foundation of her compositional practice. Her third album “outside of your lifetime” (September 2021) is a precisely created record that Sonne arrived at via improvisation, trimming and reassembly. It is made with keys, strings, voice and buttons. Many of theinstruments and inputs on the record are carefully processed to efface their personality, so their origins are never exactly clear. One may follow seamless transitions between pure generated oscillating waves and true ten-finger choral organ work. Other tracks present fierce waveforms through a shimmery rotary pulse, heated and perfectly suited for live experience of the music. Hands-on and hands-off effects bleed into each other, and one often can’t tell the difference.

The compositions appear like sculptures. With “outside of your lifetime”, Astrid Sonne presents physical music, further developing an expression formed through previous releases. Melodies and deliveries that conjures a clear image of movement, like a sound that has and is humanity. A computer can coat that sound, beautifully, but it cannot make it. And physical music sounds different. It doesn’t sound like music built from yesterday’s ghosts and memories in the machine; it doesn’t sound like a forecasting of the future as we worship the tomorrow that technology will bring us. It sounds like today, in the space around us.


NEXCYIA is an African-American/French sound artist and experimental ambient musician based in London and Paris. Working with found sound, Nexcyia weaves together harsh sound design and swooping soundscapes into works that bridge many moods, emotions and places through noise, granular synthesis, textures and rhythms.