FRI 11 MAY 7:30pm | £5

Augmented Instruments Lab : Live at IKLECTIK


Friday 11th of May, Doors 7:30PM (8PM Start), £5 adv 

TICKETS AVAILABLE HERE (Booking fee applies)

Augmented Instruments Lab, based out of the Centre for Digital Music at Queen Mary, focuses on developing new instruments and interfaces for musical expression. Come experience a selection of live performances of the instruments of the lab performed by internationally touring performers and the instrument designers themselves.

Live performances by:

Xenia Pestova

Internationally acclaimed performer of augmented instruments, Xenia Pestova will perform “Glowing Radioactive Elements”, a new piece she composed this year for the Magnetic Resonator Piano. The composition draws on the unique timbres, harmonics, infinite sustain, and pitch bends performable on the Magnetic Resonator Piano. The MRP, invented by Augmented Instruments Lab director Dr. Andrew McPherson, is an augmented grand piano featuring 88 magnetic resonators,.

D. Andrew Stewart

A unique performance with the karlax digital music instrument (a gestural controller developed by Da Fact). Canadian composer and digital instrumentalist D. Andrew Stewart performs “Ritual for Karlax”. Explore new sonic territories made of real and imaginary metallic ritual bells and electro-winds.

Laurel S Pardue

Performing her augmented violin that uses custom sensor arrangements to detect natural playing techniques to highlight musical and technical expression, Laurel will perform both solo and a collaborative performance with Jack Armitage in which parameters of the augmented violin will be live coded.

Jack Armitage

Live coder and instrument designer Jack Armitage performs in collaboration with Laurel S Pardue, live coding her augmented violin.

Lia Mice

Producer and instrument designer Lia Mice debuts her newest instrument in her ChandeLIA series: the SHIMI (Spiral hanging inharmonic metal instrument). The SHIMI ChandeLIA is a new suspended musical instrument exploring inharmonic resonances and spacial gesture mapping. Lia’s debut SHIMI performance will explore the instrument’s dark sci-fi-esque bell resonances, drones and chimes.

Giacomo Lepri 

For the first time in London, Giacomo Lepri will perform his set for clarinet and live electronics. The sonic output of this otherworldly futuristic clarinet system features both live processing of the clarinet and pure synthetic sounds. This setup combines algorithms, ideas and practises developed during Giacomo’s research at Amsterdam’s STEIM institute.

Kurijn Buys

Experimental electronic music conjured using an assortment of multidimensional gestural controllers including the Lightpad and Touché to control modular synthesis.