Chantal Michelle w/ Grace Villamil + Nyksan + Alliyah Enyo

IKLECTIK presents,

Chantal Michelle w/ Grace Villamil + Nyksan + Alliyah Enyo

Friday 24 March 2023 | Doors: 7:30pm | First Act: 8pm
Our Kiosk opens 1 hour before doors.

Tickets: £10 Early Bird / £13 Advance / £15 OTD

Glasgow label Somewhere Between Tapes present three live performances to coincide with the release of Chantal Michelle’s forthcoming album ‘Broken to Echoes’. The artists are connected through their unique and experimental takes on ambient, utilising acoustic instrumentation and textural layers to build encompassing atmospheres. Their interdisciplinary approaches to sound create rich and immersive narratives, apparent in their fervent live acts.

Chantal Michelle

Chantal Michelle is a New York City-based artist who works with acoustic instrumentation, synthesis, field recordings, and voice to form densely textured aural landscapes. Her work is characterized by tension, disparate sounds, and non-linear arrangements. It has been realized as sound installations, live performances, and recorded material. She has released three physical albums, Pulse, Puls-ar, Procession (Dinzu Artefacts, 2023), Night Blindness (Quiet Time, 2021) and the collaborative Aunis (Injazero, 2019), all to critical acclaim; The Wire called Night Blindness “a dynamic and engrossing narrative,” Aunis received praise in The Guardian as “a virtually unprecedented palette of synth sounds,” and Pulse, Puls-ar, Procession was included in Bandcamp’s monthly list of Best Experimental Music. Her forthcoming album, Broken to Echoes, will be released in April of 2023 on Somewhere Between Tapes, followed by subsequent releases on Archaic Vaults and Warm Winters Ltd. Performances of her work have been held internationally, including at MUTEK (MX), Het HEM (NL), IKLECTIK (UK), Public Records (US), Left Bank (GE), and Atopos CVC (GR). As a collaborator, she has worked with free jazz experimentalist Germán Bringas, violinist Alina Maldonado, multidisciplinary artist Grace Villamil, and multi-instrumentalist Brian Allen Simon. She is currently a Masters of Fine Arts candidate in Music/Sound at Bard College, Milton Avery Graduate School of the Arts.

Grace Villamil

Grace Villamil is a multidisciplinary artist born in CA & based in NY & NJ. Through sound, video, movement and material, her experimental works explore the deconstruction of self, magnetoreception and its interconnectivity amongst beings. Collaborations include projects with Tyondai Braxton, IONE+Black Mountain College Museum, Guillermo Scott Herren (Prefuse73), Samia Halaby, & Chantal Michelle, amongst others. Her live-video manipulations as accompaniment to electronic & live instruments were performed at Southbank, London, Elbphilharmonie Kleiner Saal, Hamburg, The Broad/Redcat, Los Angeles, Issue Project Room, NYC & in Boston w/ ACT, an MIT Media Lab. She is currently unearthing her southeast asian origins in a research project at University of Pennsylvania, and is an MFA candidate in Music/Sound at Bard Milton Avery Graduate School of the Arts. Grace will debut her moniker mumulak at trans pecos,nyc late February 2023.


Nicolas Sanchez aka Nyksan is a Bogotá born – London-based sound artist and producer that embarks on a deep sonic journey to the heart of dark and rhythmic ambient music. His latest release ‘Sacrificio’ was a collaboration between two main Ambient labels from Colombia: Éter x Hoy Records. Sacrificio dissolves the boundaries between synthesis and field recordings to create experimental yet primitive spaces. Immersive drone running into the jungle, stealthy ambience and instrumentals stalk you through the undergrowth. The climax of this album is revealed in the friction of the sonic with our memories and the dream territory. Nicolas is also co-founder of Tratratrax, a key Latinx label pursuing the quest of introducing and amplifying the mighty fire that is erupting from the streets and clubs of Sur América and the Global South. Under his Nyksan alias, he has delivered sonic journeys at NTS radio (UK), Tresor Festival (DE), Boiler Room Festival London(UK), Sónar festival (CO), Ars Electronica(AT), Festival Estéreo Picnic (CO), HÖR Berlin (DE), Enter Shibuya (JP), Vago (PT), amongst others.

Alliyah Enyo

*Alliyah Enyo*Ascension Destruction* Her name is in of itself a cycle and so I breathe, breathe life into my ecosystem through song, through dance, through ritual. Alliyah’s interdisciplinary practice gravitates towards embodied and meditative processes. Believing frequencies in sound are healing, she harnesses ritualisation to create ‘sonorous myth’ installations and performances. Her process involves designing, recording, and archiving sound. Using field recordings like archaeological objects, memories are preserved and discovered throughout her soundscapes, echoing and resonating reflecting her interest in ‘echoic memory’. The work exists as a mythologisation of her emotional landscape conflated with ancient Greek mythologies and Scottish folklore. Woven soundscapes are multi-layered as if growing, crafted through her use of analogue hardware.

“Sound system powered by AMOENUS. AMOENUS is an art organisation that facilitates, educates, curates and promotes immersive art centred around 3D sound”.