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Friday 18 March 2021 | 7:30pm [7 doors]

Tickets: £7 General Admission


Fourth Page
Kenny Process Team
Kamura Obscura

Fourth Page

Charlie Beresford – guitar/voice
Carolyn Hume – keyboards
Paul May – drums

Fourth Page was formed in 2010 almost by accident on a sunny Spring afternoon in Surrey. The very first notes the band ever played together that day ended up on their debut album, ‘Along the Weak Rope’, which was released later that year. Two more albums followed for Forwind and the legendary Leo label over the next couple of years (along with a lot of gigs in churches).

The band’s entirely improvised approach to song form has drawn comparisons to everyone from Schubert to Scott Walker, David Sylvian, Paul Bley, Talk Talk and John Martyn, but in truth Fourth Page sound like no-one but themselves. After a few years spent concentrating on other projects and collaborations (often with each other in various combinations) the quartet are back together.

This time the band’s sound is a little harder edged, more electric, as demonstrated on their second album for Leo, ‘The Forest from Above’ . Maybe this is a reflection of the harder edged times we live in at the close of the decade, but at the heart of Fourth Page’s music there’s still a luminous, fragile beauty

Press –

’Fourth Page takes improvised music to exciting places it hasn’t really been before’ (All About Jazz)

’I thought it was perhaps the sort of song cycle Schubert might have
written if he’d been around today. The anguish of Winterreise with its
chinks of light…’ (Fiona Talkington, Late Junction, BBC Radio 3)

’Dark like a starless night, beautifully poetic, delicate, haunting,
seductive. Compellingly unique and not to be missed.’ (Jazzowy Alchemik)

’David Sylvian explored a similar fusion of improvisation and song on his Manofon album, but he failed where Fourth Page succeed in fully integrating the two forms, and moreover Fourth Page do it live.’ (Dalston Sound)


Twenty five years after the release of their debut album, Kenny Process Team have once again reignited and regrouped, with a new line-up and a new vinyl release. Influenced by everything from ragtime to Beefheart to Congolese soukous, this most uplifting of instrumental ensembles has been a sporadic and enigmatic presence on the London gig circuit since the early 1990s, assisted by an ever-shifting cast of supporting characters including Eugene Chadbourne, Mother Earth’s Matt Deighton, guitarist Simon King and performance artist Roney FM. The core of the group, drummer Dave Ross, bassist Matt Armstrong and guitarist Kev Plummer, are a unique trio with a mutual musical understanding that borders on magical; together they create vivid rhythmic, melodic and harmonic colours, ranging from the downright muddy to the completely dazzling. Theirs has been a long and undulating musical journey involving festivals in Warsaw, concerts broadcast on BBC Radio 3 and accidents on canals in Amsterdam. The sudden passing of former member Simon King in 2018 prompted the band to reform, performing at a memorial concert in his honour with King’s parts played by Scritti Politti’s Rhodri Marsden (at whose wedding the band had played back in 1995.) This prompted a new surge of activity, with the vinyl re-release of a 1995 live performance on the Vacilando ’68 label (Travlin’ Light With…) and the assembling of new and old tunes for a series of performances around the UK.

Kamura Obscura

Who is Kamura Obscura

Kamura Obscura explores vocal experimentation, composition and improvisation incorporating enka, chanson and Japanese punk into original multi-instrumental music. 

Atsuko Kamura

One of Tokyo’s most emotive and inventive singers, part of the women’s liberation movement, giving birth to the first Japanese feminist punk band, Mizutama Shobodan (Polkadot Fire Brigade), Japanese agit-prop feminist pioneers. They toured Japan and released two albums, the second of which, Manten ni Akai Hanabira (Red Petals Full in the Sky) was produced by Fred Frith.

She joined UK based Japanese pop group Frank Chickens alongside Kazuko Hohki in 1988 and toured Europe, US, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, USSR and Japan. This group appeared in Kazuko’s Karaoke Klub on Channel 4 TV in UK in which Kamura was hostess to Spike Milligan, also surviving Jimmy Saville, and performing in musical Club Monkey.

After decades of soaking up London underground rave, in 2002 she began working with Robert Storey (Orchestre Murphy) in a new group I am A Kamura (Simon King – guitar, Matt Armstrong – bass, and Paul May – drums). 

Other projects included vocal duo Honeymoons with Tenko, performing at the International Women’s Music Festival in Montreal in 1988. They played with innovative New York improvisers such as Tom Cora. Their album “Laughing Myth”, produced by Kenichi Takeda was released 1982.  Improvisation group, “Uzo Muzo”, performed Strasbourg’s Musica Festival in 1987. Kamura’s hard rock project Yamaneko (Hiroshi Higo – bass, Boy – drums and Lapis – guitar) featured performances with John Zorn. And Anglo-Japanese jazz progressive rock band, Setsubun Bean Unit, (Gideon Jukes – tuba, Pete Flood – drums, Brendan Kelly – sax) who made an appearance in Sonar festival in Barcelona in 2007, whilst she has also worked with improvising rock trio Superstrings. As a solo improviser vocalist Kamura has performed with respected improvisers such as Lol Coxhill, Eddie Prévost, Clive Bell, Sylvia Hallett and Charles Haywood.


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