Tue 9 May 8pm | Adv £8

CRU-2 IKLECTIK Launch Flyer


CRU2 Magazine Launch in association with The Wire 400

Tue 9 May, 8PM | £8 Adv, £10 otd  BUY TCKETS

Exhibition of CRU1 and CRU 2 with Frédéric ACQUAVIVA, Loré LIXENBERG & Tomomi ADACHI, Silva Gabriel BEJU, BROUTIN, Henri CHOPIN, Denis DUFOUR, Bernard HEIDSIECK, HEM-ISH, IONE, Johannes KREIDLER, Katherine LIBEROVSKAYA, Jacques LIZENE, Alvin LUCIER, Alex MINCEK, Phill NIBLOCK, Pauline OLIVEROS, François POYET, Trevor WISHART and Gil J WOLMAN + Gil J WOLMAN : « Je me garde fou », vidéo, extract, 30’.

I. 8.30 / 9PM
– Presentation of « CRU » by Frédéric ACQUAVIVA and Loré LIXENBERG
– PAULINE OLIVEROS AND IONE : « Pauli(o)ne », 5’ extract, (vidéo Frédéric Acquaviva)
– HEM-ISH : « Homme-Omini » (2015), 6’ (vidéo Frédéric Acquaviva)
– Henri CHOPIN « Reflecting on OU », 5’ extract, (vidéo Silva Gabriela Béju)
– Denis DUFOUR « Hentai » (2011), 11’, text by Thomas Brando, voice Kasumi Handa

– BROUTIN : « 3 variations sur l’étude n°1 (1974 – 2017), 12’
– François POYET : “open spacetime 05/2017”, (2017), 15’
– Johannes KREIDLER : “By noon, we are still conceptualizing » (2017), 15’

– Frédéric ACQUAVIVA : « MESS » (2015-2017), 26’, for mezzo-soprano (Loré Lixenberg), buchla, mouths, skins, fixes ideas and images (composed at EMS, Stockholm – EHF, Venezia)
– Loré LIXENBERG and Trevor WISHART : «Improvisation » (2017), 5’
– Trevor WISHART :«Vocalise» , 20’

Frederic Acquaviva

Frédéric ACQUAVIVA (FR/Berlin)

Frédéric Acquaviva (1967) is a french autodidact experimental composer and sound artist who runs La Plaque Tournante in Berlin and « CRU » transmedia Magazine with Loré Lixenberg. He released more than 20 records with B@£, Casus Belli or Al Dante, as well as several books or multiple held in the Centre Pompidou Collection. Last concerts : Le Lieu (Québec), Kantine Am Berghain – Art’s Birthday – Deutschlandradio Kultur (Berlin), two shows on Resonance FM (London) and two monographic concerts at ZKM (Karlsruhe).

Lore Lixenberg - MESS

Loré LIXENBERG (UK/Berlin)

Loré Lixenberg is an experimental voice artist/composer and mezzo. She co-directs La Plaque Tournante and « CRU » Magazine in Berlin. Performed with experimental visual and sound artists like Stelarc, Bruce Mclean, Complicite & Simon Mcburney and composers such as Aperghis, Oehring, Turnage, Ligeti, Stockhausen, Furrer, Birtwistle, Brown, Ferrari, Oliveros, Acquaviva, Niblock, Toop, Dufour… She recorded the first complete John Cage’s ‘Songbooks’ on CD for Sub Rosa and is now orchestrating the Nancarrow’s piano player studies for her own voice. Lixenberg also performs her compositions using hyper-extentions of the voice in pieces such as ‘Bird’, her series of “Singterviews (PANIC ROOM)” and her real-time political opera installation ‘PRET A CHANTER’. She published an artist book ‘Memory Maps’ and a CD ‘The afternoon of a phone’ (£@B).



Broutin (b. 1948, France) joins the Lettrist movement in 1968 and becomes one of the most active member of the group as artist, poet, film maker and publisher. Performs his music and poems on France Musique la Nuit (Ere isouienne), at the Donaueschinger Musiktage (Dix petites pièces supplémentaires), NK Berlin (Etude n°1), Macbeth London (Concerto n°2) and at La Plaque Tournante Berlin (Concerto n°3).




François POYET (FR)

Born in 1948 near Paris, joined the Lettrist group in 1966 before even completing his postgraduate studies in management and philosophy. He adheres to the creative concepts of Isidore Isou before he endowed himself with specific innovative structures. On the poetic level he specialized in chiseling phonetic and aphonic body improvisations.







Johannes KREIDLER (DE)

Johannes Kreidler (1980) studied from 2000 to 2006 composition, electronic music and music theory at the Musikhochschule in Freiburg and at the Koninklijk Conservatorium The Hague. Currently he is teaching composition and music theory at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg.


Picture4Trevor WISHART (UK)

Trevor Wishart (1946) is a composer/performer specialising in sound metamorphosis, and constructing the software to make it possible. He creates music with his own voice, for professional groups, or in imaginary worlds conjured up in the studio. His aesthetic and technical ideas are described in the books On Sonic Art, Audible Design and Sound Composition (2012). His most well-known works include The VOX Cycle, Red Bird, Tongues Of Fire, Two Women, Imago and Globalalia, and pieces have been commissioned by the Paris Biennale, Massachussets Council for the Arts and Humanities, the DAAD in Berlin, the French Ministry of Culture and the BBC Proms. In 2008 he was awarded the Giga-Herz Grand prize for his life’s work. He will be performing a work titled ‘Vocalise’.