Drew McDowall + Monika Subtrova

Photo by Lena Shkoda

IKLECTIK & Amoenus present,

Drew McDowall + Monika Subtrova

Saturday 6 May 2023 | Doors: 7:30pm | Start: 8:15pm
Our Kiosk opens 1 hour before doors.

Tickets: £18.50 Advance / £22 OTD https://link.dice.fm/Ddcca42fdb86

Drew McDowall will present an ambisonic performance of his hallucinatory ritual music, stretching and smearing drones, field recordings, cut up found sounds and electro acoustics, threading and interweaving the meditative and the subtly chaotic into an electronic incantation facilitated by Amoenus. The event will open with a conversation about his work and influence within the contemporary music scene. The concert will begin with a performance by London-based electronic producer Monika Subtrova.

8:15pm Conversation with Drew McDowall
9:30pm Monika Subtrova [Live]
10:30pm Drew McDowall [Ambisonic perfomance]

Drew McDowall

Drew McDowall is a Scottish born, NYC based composer and musician. He was a member of Coil in the 90’s contributing heavily to some of their most respected and influential works. An artist who has refused to conform in music and in life, McDowall mines the hallucinatory spaces that exist between reality and transcendental otherness. His work has been described as “sacraments to alterity”, with meditative compositions that are haunting and spiritual, melding intricate modular soundscapes with cut-up field recordings, deconstructing and reconfiguring
sounds into otherworldly structures and shapes. The disorienting ambient mirages that result elicit terror, tender melancholy, and heavenly flickers of expansive beauty. He has released four albums on Dais Records since 2015 the most recent being Agalma (2020) and is known for his diverse collaborations, working with Kali Malone, Catarina Barbieri, Robert Aki Aubrey Lowe, Hiro Kone, Varg, Puce Mary and many others and has performed at many international festivals including CTM, Berlin Atonal, Dark Mofo, Unsound, Le Guess Who, Semibreve, WOS and Ambient Church.

Monika Subtrova

Ph credit: Matteo Favero, Live @ IKLECTIK

Monika Subrtova is a London-based electronic producer. Her debut EP Omnia partly forgoes the paths of mechanic techno, industrial aesthetic and modular syntheses of her previous project Jamka, which saw hew pair up with Daniel Kordik. Her sound is now typified by a milder tempo and dystopian atmosphere reminiscent of the chilling perfectionism of Conrad Schnitzler or the melancholy elegance of duo Coil, while more rhythmic passages evoke Janushoved and Vatican Shadow.

“Sound system powered by AMOENUS. AMOENUS is an art organisation that facilitates, educates, curates and promotes immersive art centred around 3D sound”.