Film Talks Live: Jenny Baines / Amy Dickson / Bea Haut / Annabel Nicolson

IKLECTIK presents,

Film Talks Live: Jenny Baines / Amy Dickson / Bea Haut / Annabel Nicolson

Thursday 30 June 2022 | 8pm [ 7:30pm doors] – Till 11:30pm!

Tickets: £7 General Admission

The second Contact event at IKLECTIK is a screening of expanded and experimental cinema from the internationally renowned artists Jenny Baines, Amy Dickson, Bea Haut and Annabel Nicolson. It is presented in association with the new publication Film Talks: 15 Conversations on Experimental Cinema.


Amy Dickson (with Billy Steiger): Light-Time-Strung (performance, 20 mins)
Jenny Baines: Untitled (Insertional) (2014, double screen,16mm, silent, 3 mins)
Jenny Baines: Untitled (#1 25/25 x 10/4) (2016, double screen, 16mm, silent, 3 mins)
Jenny Baines: Slackline (2018, double screen, 16mm, silent, 3 mins)
Bea Haut: Drag (2017, sound, 16mm, 5 mins)


Annabel Nicolson: Frames (1973, 16mm, colour, silent, 8 mins) with an introduction from Amy Dickson
Bea Haut: Abject Noise (2014, 16mm, sound, 3 mins)
Bea Haut: Arm, reflexion, extension (2013, 16mm, sound, 2 mins)
Jenny Baines: Unrehearsed dance moves #1 (2022, 16mm, silent, 3 mins)
Bea Haut: Defenestration (2014, 16mm, sound, 4 mins)
Bea Haut: Kitchen Beets (2019, 16mm, sound, 1 min)
Jenny Baines: Inflated (double) struggle (2019, 16mm, silent, 3 mins)
Bea Haut: Pending (film performance with audience participation, 10 mins)

Artists bio

Jenny Baines

Jenny Baines practice finds its form though the relationship between her body and the mechanisms of film. She performs actions for a wind-up 16mm Bolex camera exploring the parameters of the apparatus and her own physical endurance.

Amy Dickson

Amy Dickson works with available technology, such as mobile phones, and her performances are site and time specific. These para-cinematic events consider light, duration and place, and often draw on her textile background. She also co-founded the artist collective Collective-iz.

Billy Steiger

Billy Steiger is an artist whose practice encompasses sound, performance, painting, video, print, and the borders in between.

Bea Haut

Bea Haut’s work relates ‘everyday’ moments, spaces and actions, often in absurd and unexpected ways. She positions analogue film as a material with distinct agency and the trace and form of its processes defines her practice. She was one of the co-founders of Loophole Cinema and Analogue Recurring.

Annabel Nicolson

Annabel Nicolson was a key member of the London Film Maker’s Co-op and a founder member of Circles. Her film works and performances have been seen at museums and galleries nationally and internationally.

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