Form – Tom Gimson Album Launch Night

IKLECTIK presents,

Form – Tom Gimson Album Launch Night

Thursday 20 October 2022 | Doors: 8:00pm | First Act: 8:30pm
Our outdoor Kiosk is open from 4pm

Tickets: Advance £13 / £15 OTD

Multi-media artist Tom Gimson releases his first album, Form. The album blends electronic and acoustic music to create a unique sound world inspired by the juxtaposition of industrial and natural environments, found in south east London. An expansive production of baritone saxophone, pitched percussion, vocal samples create a fusion of downtempo, electronica and minimalism. Form is released as an audio-visual experience, with Tom’s live show creating an immersive environment with live music and original visuals.


20:30-21:00 Nicholas Hann
Saxophone and electronics

21:30-22:00 Tom Gimson*
Saxophone, Synthesisers, Electronics, Visuals

*Lewis Blee – Percussion
*Peter Ashwell – Percussion

Tom Gimson

Tom is a London based multi-media artist working in film and music. His work explores a sonic and visual collage of cascading repetitive structures. Having spent years working as a performing saxophonist and composer, along side crew-work in the UK commercial photography and film industry; Tom has slowly pulled together his broad range of expertise into his audio-visual artwork. He lives in South-East London and has two pet rabbits.

Nicholas Hann

Nicholas Hann is a multi-instrumentalist and composer. 
Using audio effects and sequencers of his own design, Nicholas creates improvisations in which performer and computer interact in real time. 
His music is influenced in equal parts by the experimental music he has witnessed in London and the folk music of his Norwegian and Shetland heritage.