Fundraising for Israeli/Palestinian Crisis

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Fundraising Art Exhibition – 100 for 100
There can be no doubt as to the severity of the situation in Gaza since it has dominated both our newspapers and televisions over the past months. The war in has left dozens of men, women and children dead and wounded and thousands more in dire need of medical aid, food and water. Violence intensifies tensions, as continued fear, distrust and increased separation further the divide between Israelis and Palestinians. Conflict and racism dominate the headlines further escalating the divide and dictating how communities interact. Not only is emergency aid critical, it is vital to support local peace-building which unite Palestinians and Israelis overcoming this trauma, working collaboratively to build sustainable peace.
What can we do to help?
At ‘i’klectik art lab and creative space’ we’ve decided to be pro-active by organizing a fundraising event called ‘100 for a 100’ where we will sell 100 donated paintings for £100 each – thereby raising the not inconsiderate sum of £10,000 for a charity. The idea is that we ask artists to donate work; the subject is your own choice, although we understand that you may be influenced by the cause.
Where will the money raised go?
Our chosen charity is called ‘Heartbeat’, an organization established in 2007 who work with young Palestinians and Israelis and, through music, bring them together to speak about their lives so they can challenge the current violence and racism and united, build sustainable peace. Heartbeat brings Israeli and Palestinian 14-24 year olds together weekly throughout the school year in Haifa, Jerusalem, and Jaffa – Tel Aviv. They develop skills in improvisation, song-writing, performance technique, music theory, communication, and leadership while engaging in dialogue about their daily lives and the conflict that surrounds them. Through this they build awareness, respect and trust between each other. This breaks down the divides that have existed for generations and builds new ways to interact and live as an equal, united society.
How much of the total amount will the organisation receive?
We are working in partnership with ‘Peace Direct’ a larger charity who partner smaller, on the ground charities in areas all over the globe. In this way we can be sure that the amount we raise will reach Heartbeat directly to enable them to continue the great work they are doing in encouraging young Israelis and Palestinians to work together and develop a brighter future.
What should you do if you want to be involved?
We are looking for donations of two dimensional artwork, paintings, drawings, or photographs. You will need to send us a high resolution photograph of the piece, minimum 3MB max 5MB, together with a short (two or three line profile of yourself and your work), to the I’klectik email address given below.
When will I know if my work has been selected?
The timeline for the exhibition is as follows:
Final deadline for submitted pieces will be three weeks before exhibition – Thursday 16th October
Panel selects the 100 pieces for the exhibition by 23rd October
Artists notified if their work is to be exhibited by 24th October
Selected work to be either delivered to I’klectik by 31st October
Opening on Thursday 6th November 2014

Do have a look at the work of our partner maybe sign up for their newsletter. Unfortunately our website is not quite up and running, but have a look at our Facebook page:
Or call in and see who we are in person at ‘Old Paradise Yard’. 20 Carlisle Lane, SE1 7LG, 07809727199
Please send your submissions to:
Statement: i’klectik will receive no monies whatsoever from the proceeds of this exhibition