IKLECTIK and James Braddell present,

Funki Porcini’s Laserium

Friday 14 – Sunday 16 October 2022

Our outdoor Kiosk is open from 11am on Friday and Saturday and from 6pm on Sunday

Friday 14 October – EVENING | 8pm – 11:30pm | The Laserium & The Doubtful Guest (DJ)

Tickets: £13.50 Advance / £15 OTD

Saturday 15 October – MATINEE | 4pm – 6pm | The Laserium only

Ticekts £11.50 Advance / £13 OTD

Saturday 15 October – EVENING | 8pm – 11:30pm | The Laserium, UP BUSTLE & OUT (DJ) & Controlled Weirdness (DJ)

Tickets: £13.50 / £15 OTD

Sunday 15 October – MATINEE | 3:30pm – 7pm | The Laserium & DJ Food (DJ)

Tickets: £13.50 / £15 OTD

Supported by DJ sets, Funki Porcini will present his incredible installation called The Laserium over 3 days in October.
In a forest of retort stands, wires and clamps bits of what appear to be rubbish dangle on tiny motors in front of lasers that are synchronised to elements in the music. This creates a synaesthetic experience that is entirely new. By arranging elements of his music to physically vibrate mirrors and transducers, he reflects and refracts over three hundred lasers to give a synchronous visual element to his music that is extremely satisfying to the viewer.
The experience of the Laserium cannot be underestimated as it really is something to behold.

Funki Porcini

James Braddell has been making music and films under the name Funki Porcini since the early 1990’s. He has produced fifteen albums and many films over a long career and has now, over the course of the last year (2021) created The Laserium. The object was to try and turn sound into light using unique, analogous methods to create an immersive, synaesthetic experience that has not been seen before.

Controlled Weirdness (DJ)

Controlled Weirdness aka Neil Keating is a producer, DJ, record label owner and avid record collector with a lifetime of experience.Neil has been at the front line of all aspects of club and sound system culture since the 80’s when he first began to go to nightclubs, gigs, and illegal parties. Around this time, he also started to dig into his growing record collection to play an eclectic selection of tunes at some seminal early underground events.His musical CV includes playing everywhere from plush clubs to dirty warehouses as well as mixing tunes on a variety of iconic London pirate radio stations. He has released music on numerous underground record labels and was responsible for promoting and playing at a series of legendary early raves in the USA at the start of the 90’s. He has played extensively throughout Europe and beyond and has an eclectic and seriously deep collection of music built up over time that reflects an appreciation off all elements of the London groove.Neil now runs Presence Unknown, a vinyl and digital label dedicated to releasing music influenced by his love of Electro, Acid House and Rave. These tunes are crafted using a variety of analogue and digital machines in his South London studio and are designed to be played loud on the finest sound systems. He also does a monthly show on Threads radio where his aim is to play you some amazing music that you have never heard before.


Up Bustle & Out are one of the harder groups to pin down on the experimental breakbeat landscape. Hailing from the English city of Bristol, home also to Tricky and Massive Attack, Up Bustle & Out now comprise of Senor Rudy and Dave Cridge enlisting the talents Senor Cuffy, Eugena Ledesma and Nicole Blaze plus an array of world renowned artists as session musicians. The group formed in the 90’s as an adjunct to their respective interests in non-Western musics, funk and soul, jazz, and experimental underground club styles like house, techno, ambient, and trip-hop. The earliest single was ‘Une Amitie Africain’ (released on their own Forever Groove label), this tied these sources together and attracted the attention of a number of labels interested in releasing their material. Travelling and developing the sound until they eventually sent to Coldcut’s Ninja Tune label. Impressed with their work, Ninja Tune released Up Bustle & Out’s debut LP, The Breeze was Mellow (As the Guns cooled in the Cellar) which caught the attention of American hip-hop DJs as well as the more eclectic British underground.
Up Bustle and Out have throughout the years DJ’d on every continent and taken their live soundsystem show to all the major festivals and cool clubs, galleries, coffee shops and beach parties around the world. Headliners in their own right they have also supported major tours with Black Grape, DJ Krush and Toots and the Maytals. Also just signing to Earth Dance Global for select shows around this beautiful world that has already seen them alongside Johnny Osbourne and Cut Chemist at the first ever Sound System Culture Festival in Minneapolis USA.

The Doubtful Guest (DJ)

Libby Floyd aka The Doubtful Guest. She’s from Dekalb, Illinois, USA and makes fucked up tunes with the 303, 808, 909, Juno and whatever else is lying about.

DJ Food (DJ)

Strictly Kev has been involved with the multi-producer DJ Food project on Ninja Tune for over 25 years. He’s DJed the world over with Food originators Coldcut and PC as well as mixing hundreds of hours of audio for compilations (including Coldcut’s Journey’s By DJ mix) and radio using his 35+ years of experience and vast record collection.

“Sound system powered by AMOENUS. AMOENUS is an art organisation that facilitates, educates, curates and promotes immersive art centred around 3D sound”.