Hackoustic Christmas Party

IKLECTIK presents,

Hackoustic Christmas Party

Saturday 17 December 2022 | Doors: 7:30pm | First Act: 8pm

Tickets: £10 + fee Advance / £5 + fee Concessions / £13 OTD https://www.eventbrite.com/e/hackoustic-christmas-party-tickets-475868654957

Genre flexible, experimental, interactive and welcoming, take part in audience interactive performances listen to performances with new and innovative instruments and try out some of the amazing sound making machines that our artists, musicians and engineers have built.



Lula, at the vanguard of her profession, leading the way for the evolution of music as an early adopter of an interactive midi controller (MiMu gloves); only way to describe her: ethereal artist in sound and aesthetic, one can not help but transcend. 

Robin the Fog presents Howlround

Come and be part of a terrifyingly spooky choir in Howlaround with Robin the Fog: Howlaround is a collaborative ambient / sci-fi / horror composition – using two reel to reel tape machines, a microphone and plenty of audience participation!

Tim Yates

Sounds artist, musician and instrument builder Tim Yates is currently in residence with Amoenus, a 20 speaker ambisonic sound system currently installed at IKLECTIK. He will be premiering some of the audience interactive instruments that he’s developing as part of the residency as part of a live performance with the harpist and instrument designer Joris Beets.

Joris Beets

As experimental improv multi-instrumentalist and inventor, Joris is always looking to find that magical, timeless place where we reach a state of flow with others and rediscover the new and boundless. In this performance, among other things, he will play one of his main inventions – the Delta Harp.


Jonathan Ansell: Air Guitar

Jonathan Ansell is an electronic artist working with audio, light projections, analogue and digital electronics. He will be bringing his installation ‘Air Guitar’, which uses small mirrors attached to a grid of guitar strings to project lasers onto a 3D screen. They create lissajous figures that illustrate the harmonic relationships between microtonally tuned drones.

Tom Fox and Nick Murray: The Beating Birch

Welcome one and all to The Beating Birch. At once a city and a guardian spirit, The Beating Birch is home to a whole host of wanderers, storytellers and mystics. The populace of the city channel and commune with the spirits of the tree through sonic mimicry and data extrapolations. This installation is one, small part, of the district responsible for recording the life of the tree through sound mapping and sonic folktelling. It uses data live-streamed from twitter to generate melodies and violin callings. The melodies are based on the User ID of the person who sent the tweet.
Tom Fox (aka Vulpestruments) is a sound artist focussing on, experimental instrument design, sonification of data and interactive installation design.
Nick Murray is a writer, composer and producer based in London.

“Sound system powered by AMOENUS. AMOENUS is an art organisation that facilitates, educates, curates and promotes immersive art centred around 3D sound”.