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IKLECTIK and Hackoustic present

Sat, 2 February  doors 7.00pm – music 7.30pm | £5-10 adv / £10 / £5 students otd BUY TICKETS 

The first Hackoustic Presents of 2019 promises to be another great one! Packed full of never-before-seen instruments, sounds and installations, you don’t want to miss it 🙂

Alan Jackson and Tom Daley will be creating a multi-phonic surround sound texture performance using electromechnical acoustic feedback with contact mics, suspended loudspeakers and signal processing. Dissonant resonant harmonic noise, and the Electric Bullroarer.

Isn’tses have designed and manufactured a PCB called the Fort Processor. The circuit explores the relationship between architectural space and electric circuitry. The PCB was developed as part of Fort Process 2018 and is shaped and based on the site plan of Newhaven Fort. They will be presenting the Fort Processor with a talk explaining the development of the synth followed by a demonstration of the synth inaction.

Noemie Du will be performing with the Tinylitzer micro foley-studio. Born in the mania of a 36-hour Abbey Road Studios Hackathon under the watchful eye of Hackoustic and Human Instruments, the tinylitzer enables Neomi to explore the powers of mechanical and tactile foley, and combine it with storytelling and song; an exploration you are invited to dip your toes into, with the possibility of falling in and being engulfed.

Jennifer Anne Haugan will be demoing Face Beat, another project born at the Abbey Road Studios Hackathon. Developed with Andrew Hockey, Face Beat is an app that creates sounds using your facial expressions – so be ready to make some funny faces, and make some noise while you’re at it!

Brendan O’Connor will be debuting the Singer-No-More, an interactive audio sampler sampler built out of a sewing machine. Another Hackathon born instrument – this time Queen Mary’s Cruft Fest 2018 – the results are incredible!

Howard Batchen will be demoing his hammered dulcimer that he made for his son Milo, picking up a lot of knowledge about dulcimers, their history and the history of music. It’s a beautiful piece of craftsmanship from one of the South London Maker Space’s most prolific members.

PLUS!! This month we have special guest Harky DJ from Gentle Mystics Sound System and LOST TRACKS radio show playing tunes for us!