IKLECTIK presents,


Saturday 18 February 2023 | Doors: 12pm
Our Kiosk opens 1 hour prior to doors.

Tickets: £16 All-day Access / £10 Evening Only / £8 Students https://link.dice.fm/oa66ce6dccde
If you are unwaged or cannot afford to pay the ticket, please email irruptivechora@gmail.com

Curatorial collaboration Irruptive Chora invites the public to join their experimental, technology-focused project Hyperspace coinciding with the launch of their digital platform. The interactive hybrid display of art works and series of performances culminate year-long peer-led study into new hybrid ways of making and sharing art. Together they create an accessible affective space for multi-sensorial encounter.

12pm – Interactive multimedia display of technology-driven art works and project traces of the HYPERSPACE artist collective (live experimentation & improvised performative interventions)
1pm – 1:30pm Sara Rodrigues / Landra  (The Paths we Take: acorn infusion performance)
1:30 – 2pm Sotiris Gonis + Ania Mokrzycka (audio-visual performance)
2pm – 3pm Will Harris (spoken word performance – live broadcast through Resonance Extra)
3pm – 4:30pm Ekin Bernay (participatory performance)
4:30pm – 5pm Natalia Janula & David Williams (listening session)
5pm – 5:45pm Kenric Allado Mc Dowell (performative talk & audio-visual projection)
5:45pm – 6:30pm Ada Hao (audio-visual performance)

BREAK (warm vegan meal sharing) 

7:30pm- 8:00pm Lea Collet (collective reading performance)
8:15pm – 8:45pm Pietro Bardini (sound performance)
9pm – 9:15pm Maja A. Ngom (sound) / Rachel McRae (scent)
9:25pm – 9:45pm Atay Ilgun – ecolagbohrsac2021 (sound performance)
10:00pm- 10:30pm Cyrus Vahidi – Rastegah (sound performance)
10:30pm + DJ

Hyperspace project is funded by Arts Council England, Finnish Institute in the UK and Ireland and Italian Cultural Institute London. The project partners include Shape Arts and Resonance FM.

Natalia Janula

Natalia Janula is a London-based, Polish-born artist whose practice employs sculpture, video, sound, installation and performance. She graduated with an MFA from the Slade School of Art in 2015. Janula’s work is interested in urban and natural environments and the slippage between the two. This is mirrored by her choice of synthetic and organic materials, from jesmonite to silicone and latex, to 3D printed sandstone, found objects and kinetic motors. Her practice involves developing and containing ‘ecosystems’ through assemblage, ikebana and digital rendering. A repeated theme within Janula’s work is the femme body and rituals relating to it, in an increasingly synthetic world.

Lea Collet

Lea Collet’s lives and works between Paris, Roubaix & London. Her work vacillates between performance, installations, video, research and teaching. She introduces landscapes and subjects that investigate social relations and augmented affect experienced in and through digital mediation and technological collaboration. Her practice (both through making and sharing) emphasises collective experimentation and emotional symbiosis. Collet trained at Camberwell College of Arts, London at BA level followed by an MA at Slade School of Fine Art, London. In September 2021, she started a two-year program Le Fresnoy, Studio national des arts contemporains for artistic, audiovisual and digital training, production and distribution.

Sara Rodrigues

Sara Rodrigues is an interdisciplinary artist working in audiovisual composition, performance and installation, with an immersive research-led practice that often materialises as context-specific and socially engaged collaborative projects. Looking at the interconnectedness of humans with their ecosystems, both micro and macro, the work often calls for participation. In scenarios that explore the complex relations of life-making, the work engages with the various senses, aiming to create expanded forms of affect within and effect beyond it. Examining how life forms are shaped by power and control, Sara envisions alternative forms of autonomy, co-livability and regeneration, transforming what matters comes to matter through what gets acted upon.

Ada Hao

Ada Xiaoyu Hao 郝晓宇 is a performance artist-researcher who works with performance-situtated ontology, fictioning-as-method, body as archive, and the available technology to attend time, space and places where she situates her performing body within the artistic context to scrutinize the multiplicity nature of corporeality, and to collapse the desired futures into potential realities. Her performative exercises embody the negotiation with the subjectivity of the performing body and the mimesis with the fabulation of the Other. She is currently completing her PhD titled ‘Being a Body and Becoming Somebody: Performance, Fictioning, Subjectivity’ at the School of Art and Media, University of Brighton.

Rachel McRae

A Canadian living in the UK, Rachel McRae works at the intersection between visual arts (sculpture/digital media), writing, research-as-practice (folklore/queer/occult-studies/archaeology) and expanded cinema performance. She is interested in the obsessive, deeply subjective (sometimes violent) ways data is organized/taxonomized/excavated from its surrounding matrix… how history re-emerges/continues without being widely recognized/demarcated/named… the way material/experience is intentionally organized/formed into politicized narratives. Rachel is Visiting Tutor at Arts University Bournemouth and 1/2 of the collective, Digital&Dead. Her work has recently been shown at: Certain Fallacies (Los Angeles/LA) Obsidian Coast (Bradford-upon-Avon/UK), Arebyte Gallery (London, UK), South LondonGallery (London, UK).

Ramona Güntert

Ramona Güntert is a German artist based in London. Her practice looks at forms and shapes within nature which are mimicked by bodies of humans and animals. She then uses the medium of photography, challenging its existence in print and exploring different material conditions. Her work is constantly transforming and adapting to different spaces, just like camouflage, which emphasises a relationship between the body and its environment but also attempts to question what lies in-between these spaces. These images appear in layers, becoming the skin of the space. Guntert is interested in how such images exist in reality, and how they can slip between repulsion and desire.

Pietro Bardini

Pietro Bardini is an artist working with sounds and computation. His compositional systems explore the interactions between organic and inorganic entities and exist on the boundaries between the animate and inanimate. His work has been shown at arebyte, Barbican Centre, Borough Road Archive, The Crypt Gallery, Guest Projects, MK Gallery, LOA Gallery, University of Birmingham and IKLECTIK.

Erik Lintunen

Erik Lintunen is an artist and creative technologist (and secretly an aspiring mathematician) whose work is grounded in new media research and information experience design. His primary interests are interpretable machine learning, mathematics, and philosophy–broadly speaking, systems related to knowledge and knowing (statistical methods, models, representations). He has developed and exhibited a range of collaborative works across spaces, places and frequencies: Barbican Open Lab, HOME Manchester, IKLECTIK, RA Lates, Resonance FM/Extra, Royal College of Art, Somerset House, SPILL Festival of Performance, University of the Arts London, WIRED Japan Creative Hack Awards, fringe venues, and online. Erik is currently completing his Finnish (non-)military service, working as a research assistant at the Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence/Aalto University.

Tanya Moulson

Tanya Moulson is a Welsh artist living in London working with film, photography and installation. Moulson constructs speculative environments looking at the relationship language plays in forming belief systems, belonging and ownership within these environments. Recent works have delved into fake news, conspiracy theories and natural phenomena and the surrounding rhetoric. Moulson graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2015 with an MA in photography, she has exhibited at The Third Policeman, NY; Charlton Gallery, London; BEEF, Braziers Park; Close Up Cinema, London; Tactile Bosch, Cardiff and Hamburg International film festival.

Maja A. Ngom

Maja ∀. Ngom is a Polish-Senegalese visual artist who works across photography, video, sculpture and text. She often draws on her personal experience of dual [mixed raced] heritage to examine how it shapes the sense of belonging, rootedness and being “between cultures”. Looking through the unique perspective of Africana studies and Easter European cultural context, Ngom explores themes of embodied subjectivity against the background of family ties and the social fabric. Her approach to making is driven by her interest in different modes of creating and by using a variety of materials to recognise the corporeality of the world.

Sotiris Gonis

Sotiris Gonis is a visual artist and educator based in London.His creative and teaching practices, intrinsically interconnected, focus on non-verbal interactions and are rooted in empathic, non-ableist and meaningful exchanges and encounters with and between humans and their environments. He examines the phenomenology of the seemingly ephemeral trace as a gestural act of preservation and the significance of the elements and processes that allow it to exist as testimony. His works, filtered through notions of identity and memory, aim to propose a historiography of daily life that escapes the shackles of the often-constructed collective perception. His research focuses on everyday rituals, vernacular architecture, non-places, imaginary sonic landscapes and scenes that convey the uncanny.

Ekin Bernay

Ekin Bernay is Performance Artist and Dance Therapist. Following her MA Dance Movement Psychotherapy from Roehampton University and has been working clinically as a DMP. She has experience in adult mental health, autism, primary schools and refugee children. In her live artwork Ekin is working towards merging the DMP findings with a wider audience through performative workshops. She continues her research on the body and the essence of movement. Her work focuses on the healing qualities of performance art. She uses text, sound and choreographic situations to direct the audience. The artist has presented numerous performances in various institutions including V&A Museum, Tate, Sadlers Wells, Royal academy of Arts and Pera Museum. Ekin is represented by International Performance Art Platform Performistanbul.

K Allado-McDowell

K Allado-McDowell is a writer, speaker, and musician. They are the author, with GPT-3, of the books Pharmako-AI and Amor Cringe, and are co-editor of The Atlas of Anomalous AI. They record and release music under the name Qenric. K established the Artists + Machine Intelligence program at Google AI. They are a conference speaker, educator and consultant to think-tanks and institutions seeking to align their work with deeper traditions of human understanding.

David Johnson

David Johnson is a blind artist and researcher. His practice-led research is both a philosophical investigation into the nature of seeing and a sculptural articulation of his experience of blindness.

Ania Mokrzycka

Ania Mokrzycka is a London based artist working across moving-image, sound, text, ceramics and performance. Her work explores threshold environments and corporeality as porous, susceptible to cross-contamination and entangled in symbiotic relations. She is interested in recovering and generating spaces of kinship, real or imaginary, in which vulnerability of all beings can be shared and transformed into a new kind of resistance. Drawing from literature, myths and science, she employs speculative fiction and ideas of attunement in imagining more non-hierarchical narratives and perspectives on the lived experience and interspecies engagements. She is interested in what Anna L. Tsing calls “a politics with the strength of diverse and shifting coalitions.”

Atay Ilgun

Created in collaboration with DALL·E 2

Atay Ilgun is a multidisciplinary artist [web3 / artificial intelligence / quantum music / installation / phygital fashion / live A/V music shows] and curator based in London, currently working on a series of multimedia works as the ENGLAND’S COUNCIL OF LEGISLATION AND GOVERNING BODY OF HYPER REAL SIMULATIONS AND CONSTRUCTS [ecolagbohrsac2021], which is a memeification of emergence of doom, mythic themes that populate the archetypal strata of the modern technological psyche, hidden power structures, world economic order and hypermedia hell. He is the creator of one of the first AI art as an NFT and the first utility-token/token-gated metaverse performance.
His latest work created during the DALL·E 2 early artist programme was realised as a physical installation at FOLD, London as a part of their futur.shock series and the artist’s next LP, EUPHORIA, will be released on Most Dismal Swamp in early 2023.
GPT-3: https://rarible.com/councilscryptolith1/items
DALL-E: https://objkt.com/profile/tz1b6jFd4Y4w7DjJUFabeQ8ykF3XYDrRUCgC/created

Cyrus Vahidi 

Cyrus Vahidi (Rastegah) is a computer music researcher and sound creator based at the Centre for Digital Music, London. He works with neural networks and auditory sound representations for machine listening and texture synthesis.

Agata Kik

Agata Kik is an independent curator based in London, interested in interactions between art, science and technology. Influenced by her physical injury, she is mostly engaged in artistic practices exploring the pre-verbal, enquiring into queer ideas of gesture and movement. Her practice is preoccupied with layering and distribution of physical and digitally dispersed presences. In her work she gives importance to improvisation, the in-betweenness, shapelessness, process, change and becoming. She studies sound healing and works on giving materiality to language regularly writing on sound and music. Together with Ania Mokrzycka she is the co-founder of collaborative curatorial platform Irruptive Chora.

Will Harris

Photo by Matthew Thompson

Will Harris is a London-based writer. His debut poetry book RENDANG (2020) was shortlisted for the T.S. Eliot Prize and won the Forward Prize for Best First Collection. He has collaborated with the artist Aisha Farr, and helps facilitate the Southbank New Poets Collective. In 2022, he co-translated Habib Tengour’s Consolatio with Delaina Haslam. His second book of poems, Brother Poem, is published in March 2023.

“Sound system powered by AMOENUS. AMOENUS is an art organisation that facilitates, educates, curates and promotes immersive art centred around 3D sound”.