JQ [DJ Set]
Producer & DJ based in London, has released albums with New Atlantis, Lo Recordings and Post-Geography & held residencies on NTS and Noods

Sculpture [Live A/V]
Audiovisual duo, Sculpture, aka musician Dan Hayhurst & visual artist/animator Reuben Sutherland, explore temporary states of digital/physical recomposition, device misuse, comic strips, video art & multisensory perception. Utilizing a chaotic library of zoetropic prints, Sutherland’s visual turntablism combines pre-cinema imaging with cutting-edge digital techniques in hallucinatory loops and cut ups. There’s a clear sensory connection with Hayhurst’s volatile electronic music forms, free associations pursuing an obscure logic.

Lou Barnell [Live A/V]
COMFORT ME OFTEN is the second performance I have developed using the ‘Live Dreaming’ methodology, premiered at FIX 21 Biennale in Belfast and at The Oram Awards 2021 in partnership with Supersonic Festival. . It fuses together a layered score of remembered movements, tics, dream snippets from my journal, and fragments of my mum’s writing. My mum died when I was twelve. At the beginning of lockdown, I decided to look at her diary when she was the same age. The text for this piece contains my mum’s thoughts about having seen a Shakespeare play in England thousands of miles away from her family who lived in India. After any performance or thing that has moved me, a feel as if I must live this thing and the only vent for this is dreams. In this tiny snapshot of her life at age twelve- my mum was lonely and inspired. I was deeply affected by her text. It spoke to me about the pull of beauty and escapism and the power of the mind and the process of dreaming to escape suffering. The piece is performed using two Max Msp Patches. One patch is connected to two muscle sensors on my shoulders, which trigger samples when they detect muscle flexes. The intensity and sustain of my muscle flexes modulates the pitch and speed of samples. The second max patch is connected to my vocal. It selects portions of vocals and granulates them, playing them back at varying speeds, it favours shorter vocal phrases over time selecting words instead of sung notes. The original concept and technology were developed with support from Arts Council England, with Technical Direction from Robin Foster.

Discrepant [DJ Set]
Our aim is to deconstruct, distort and re-assemble the lore of (un)popular music. Discrepant: inconsistent; conflicting; at variance [from Latin discrepāns, from discrepāre to differ in sound, from dis-1 + crepāre to be noisy] Visit us at www.discrepant.net for more music, releases, video and general discrepancies…


Dushume [DJ Set]
Amit Dinesh Patel, aka Dushume, is an experimental noise and sound artist, influenced by Asian underground music and DJ culture. His work focuses on performing and improvising with purpose built do-it-yourself instruments, and recording these instruments incorporating looping, re-mixing and re-editing techniques. Lack and loss of control are central to his work. He is a member of the Sound/Image Research group at the University of Greenwich, London, and Principal Investigator for the AHRC Research Grant “Exploring Cultural Diversity in Experimental Sound”.

Ambisonics listening session, powered by AMOENUS
Amoenus presents a series of pieces spatialised in Ambisonics on an 8.4 speaker array set up around the garden.

Vādin – The Presence (from “Black Tortoise”, out on Utter in August 2022)
Vādin – A Thousand Feet Under (from “A Thousand Feet Under”, out on Utter in 2023)

Amoenus is an art organisation that facilitates, educates, curates, and promotes immersive art centred around 3D sound. Since 2018, Amoenus has delivered public events and workshops, engaging artists and audiences to further the development of immersive art practices.

In 2020, thanks to the support of Arts Council England, the organisation has put together its own 13.4 Ambisonics sound system, currently housed at IKLECTIK, with whom the Amoenus now closely collaborates with.

About Vādin
Vādin is a collaborative project between sound artists and performers Christian Duka and Lucie Štěpánková (Avsluta).

As Vādin, they use their shared passion for sound art to create elaborate yet emotional soundscapes where narratives are born out of painstaking attention to detail and finding harmony between often disparate elements. Their upcoming album, Black Tortoise, builds a complex imaginary universe from elements of noise, electro-acoustic composition and sound design coupled with a darkwave aesthetic that incorporates unruly melodies and mysterious lyricism.

Jaeho Hwang (Chinabot) [DJ Set]
Jaeho Hwang is a London/Seoul-based DJ, producer, visual artist and member of Chinabot who recontextualises traditional Korean instrumentation and brings it into the contemporary club music scene. After releasing his first EP on Chinabot in 2019, he has been featured in DJ Mag, BBC Radio 6 Music, 4:3 Boiler Room, XLR8R, DUMMY Magazine and Mixmag Korea. Now based primarily in Seoul, he is involved with Seoul community radio and Nek-O Future Club.

Luka Prinčič: trans.fail/xenotopic.networks [Live A/V]
The project trans.fail is a cinema-sounding and (when necessary also) an online series of audiovisual explorations based on the emergence of a synesthetic space arising from closely connected and synchronized sound and moving image. The central question of the exploration is tied up with the modern living environment – the subject is understood and experienced as being bound in the functionalities and workings of a cyborg, where the question of her rights becomes especially important. However, oozing through the network of different forces is the patriarchal white hetero cis matrix and the mechanism of disciplining, shaping and cultivating. The chapter xenotropic.network relies on the concepts of foreign (xeno), space (topic/topos) and network as the primary source of inspiration. These concepts can be understood and read in various ways, thus presenting the grounds for a critical reading of the world as a patchwork of possibilities. 

Gary Stewart – Dubmorphology [DJ Set]
Gary Stewart is an artist working at the intersection of sound, moving image and computational creativity. His work examines social and political issues of identity, culture, and technology. Through the application of innovative technologies and practices he is part of a global network of collaborators who are advocates for equality, climate justice and better health through the arts especially those from marginalised communities. Interdisciplinary research group Dubmorphology is formed of artists Gary Stewart and Trevor Mathison. They make experimental sound and visual installations.

Dub Entropy is a real time improvised audio visual journey through broken beats, musical breaks, acapella out takes, sampled sounds, sound effects, modular noise synths, feedback systems, field recordings, abstract visuals, dissonant shapes, found and obsolete media.