Introduction to AMOENUS by Christian Duka

Christian Duka, sound artist and founder of immersive art organisation “AMOENUS”, will survey past projects carried out at IKLECTIK in and around the use of immersive audio in the arts. During the presentation, excerpts of ambisonics recordings of previous events will be played back on an 8.4 speaker array, set up around the garden for the occasion.

The Oram Awards Panel

Moderators: Karen Sutton
Speakers: Vivienne Griffin, Poulomi Desai, Shelly Knotts & Lou Barnell

On The Oram Awards panel, Karen Sutton will be speaking to four previous Oram Award winning artists – Lou Barnell, Poulomi Desai, Shelly Knotts & Vivienne Griffin – about their creative practises and experiences. In addition she will explain more about The Oram Awards program and Daphne Oram – a pioneering electronic composer, inventor of the Oramics Machine and co‑founder of the highly influential BBC Radiophonic Workshop.

Karen Sutton
Karen is the lead producer of The Oram Awards. She has worked in independent electronic music for over 20 years as a label manager, agent & producer. Karen is also the music business and finance manager for Accidental Ltd – a production team bringing innovation in sound and music to film, TV, theatre, products and events as well as a family of record labels under the creative directorship of composer Matthew Herbert.

The Wire presents Across The Great Divide
SUNDAY 10 JULY, 16:00

Moderator: Chris Bohn
Speakers: Clive Bell and Leah Kardos

Chaired by The Wire’s Chris Bohn and featuring regular contributors Clive Bell and Leah Kardos, Across The Great Divide is a panel discussion examining any conflicting interests in underground, outsider and experimental music culture when the writers monitoring and motivating its growth are themselves musicians directly participating in it. 

This month marks the 40th anniversary of The Wire’s coming into being. Over the past four decades the magazine has celebrated and interrogated “the most visionary and inspiring, subversive and radical, marginalised and undervalued musicians on the planet, past and present, in the realms of avant rock, electronic music, hiphop, new jazz, improvised music, modern composition, traditional musics and more. Passionate, intelligent and provocative, The Wire wages war on the mundane and the mediocre.” Inevitably, working to such a brief oftentimes leads the magazine into conflict with its subjects, who don’t necessarily share or accept The Wire’s assessments, analyses, criticisms or praise of their work. The culture might well be at its most vibrant when it rises out of the noise of these conflicting voices and ideas, but where does that leave those Wire writers who are themselves musicians and artists?

Across The Great Divide asks regular Wire contributors Clive Bell and Leah Kardos, each of them also active musicians/composers, whether being both one and the other affects how they write about the music. And vice versa.

Across The Great Divide is chaired by The Wire Editor in Chief Chris Bohn, who started contributing to the magazine in the mid-1980s before joining its staff in 1997.

Building Communities: New Creative Ecosystems
SUNDAY 10 JULY, 18:00

Moderator: Gary Stewart
Speakers: Karolina Magnusson Murray [FOLD], Jonty Harrison [The Willow Tree DAO], SODAA/DisCO, Dushume, Miki Maharishi [ArtSect DAO], Jané Mackenzie [Hart Club] and Lizzie Farrell [Hart Club].

The post-pandemic era has seen a rise in both local and online communities, flourishing in varying forms such as DAOs, co-ops and creative ecosystems around music venues. These are often enhanced and inspired by technological advancements and our human desire to re-engage.

This panel will explore how we build these ecosystems, what new challenges we will confront in the face of decentralisation, what are the promises, how will this new technology be of aid when it comes to implementation and how exactly will such new ideas differ from previous models, if at all.

Miki Elson FRSA [ArtSect]
Miki Elson, Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and DAO incubator. Co-Founding ArtSect NFT Gallery in London in 2021, after previously founding a web3 property network Yogabox in 2019. Miki is also a mentor for Outlier Ventures and currently focused on incubation and fundraising for digital fashion, web3 music and decentralised arts infrastructure with AKG Ventures.

SODAA is an open and non-hierarchical collective of artists, promoters and music lovers developing a model for a community-operated venue. 

Inspired by the principles of DisCOs (Distributed Cooperative Organizations), SODAA invited founders Stacco Troncoso and Irene Lopez de Vallejo to join them on the panel.

Amit Dinesh Patel aka Dushume is an experimental noise and sound artist, influenced by Asian underground music and DJ culture.  He is a member of the Sound/Image Research group at the University of Greenwich, London, and Principal Investigator for the AHRC Research Grant “Exploring Cultural Diversity in Experimental Sound”, the project is challenging institutional whiteness in experimental sound practice by investigating the creative identities of contemporary Black and South Asian composers working in the UK.

Jonty Harrison [The Willow Tree DAO]
Jonty previously worked in Electronic Music events in Boston and the booking agency world in LA, before moving back to his hometown, London, where he’s been developing web3-driven solutions for the nightlife industry. The Willow Tree and its Nightfund are the first of many campaigns along his journey.

Karolina Magnusson Murray
Karolina is a multidisciplinary artist. She graduated with an MA from RCA Painting. She is currently the Head of the Art Dept/Curator at FOLD/Futur.Shock; an art platform, positioned at the intersection of electronic music, sound, performance, & digital art. Themes & points of reference within her work include, community building, institutional critique, & mental health. She has performed & exhibited worldwide; some include; ICA, London, Pierogi New York; Liverpool Biennial 9, Aesthetica Art Prize Shortlist; won Ingram Collection of Modern, British & Contemporary Art Purchase Prize.

Gary Stewart
Gary Stewart is an artist working at the intersection of sound, moving image and computational creativity. His work examines social and political issues of identity, culture, and technology. Through the application of innovative technologies and practices he is part of a global network of collaborators who are advocates for equality, climate justice and better health through the arts especially those from marginalised communities. Interdisciplinary research group Dubmorphology is formed of artists Gary Stewart and Trevor Mathison. They make experimental sound and visual installations.