Digital and Physical liminalities in new hybrid art spaces
SATURDAY 17 JULY, 14:00-15:30

Moderators: Meritxell rosell and Lula Criado [CLOT Magazine] 
Speakers: Alice Hoffmann-Fuller, Most Dismal Swamp, Nimrod Vardi [arebyte Gallery] and
Rebecca Edwards [arebyte Gallery]

“What happens when an artistic space as we have traditionally known it is no longer available? While opportunities for social and professional interactions in the art world have clearly been limited by the pandemic, the outlook is not as clear for the evolution of these spaces. At the same time, the digital sphere has steadied its relentless conquest of the physical space, though opening horizons for creativity we couldn’t have even imagined.  

London has a great musical heritage, and the pandemic has evidenced that it’s not something we can take for granted. Luckily the city also has a solid network of talented creatives that have been reimagining the current constraints. CLOT Magazine has invited a few of the most relevant voices experimenting with these new artistic hybrid spaces to discuss the challenges, the positive outcomes and interrogate what it’s to come next. 

Citing Achille Bonito Oliva: “Art is the ambivalent movement that plays on presence and absence, contact and separation, heroism and detachment, attitudes that are not conflicting but complementary, that affirm the diverse rapport with reality.”

The Future of Record Labels
SUNDAY 18 JULY, 14:00-15:30

Moderator: Terry Tyldesley [Resonatecoop]
Speakers*: Lara Rix-Martin [objects limited], Abby Thomas [Cafe OTO], Kate Carr [Flaming Pines], Damien Roach [patten / 555-5555] and Mike Harding [Touch].

On the second day of IKLECTIKA, under the discussion of ‘The Future of Record Labels’ we will meet with a selected list of guests and leading names in the field discussing challenges, change, and innovation.

* For more information about the speakers, please refer to the Contributors & Artists tab over here.

The Wire presents “Chris Bohn in conversation with John Butcher” [Talk + Q&A + Live performance]
SUNDAY 18 JULY, 16:30-18:00

The Wire’s editor-in-chief Chris Bohn will interview the inimitable saxophone player John Butcher and will discuss the Resonance Space tour which was organised by Arika and spanning between a set of striking non-concert locations in Scotland and the Orkneys [including a sea-cave, a giant mausoleum, a massive oil tank, and the UK’s largest surviving ice house] in which John Butcher and Akio Suzuki performed together. The conversation will be followed by a Q&A and live performance.