Institution of Rot/Psych.KG presents Hospital of the Souls

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Institution of Rot/Psych.KG presents,

Hospital of the Souls

Friday 15 November – doors 7pm – start 7.30pm | £8 adv / £10 otd | BUY TICKETS

Hospital of the Souls is an evening of medical sound, hospital (pro) aesthetics, sunken words, compulsive film, spectral and trapped voices from the 19th century…
Adam Bohman and Richard Crow as Diastolic Murmurs with Paul Obermayer plus some very special guests! (Live Electronics/Hospital Radio).


Hospital of the Soul Diastolic Murmurs/Furt (Psych.KG CD Launch)

David Ellis’s Rapid Response Unit (Essay without notes)

Luke Jordan (Spoken word/Live Electronics)

Mama Baer with Kommissar Hjuler (Film)

Paradigm Discs (DJ Set)


Diastolic Murmurs (Richard Crow and Adam Bohman) with Paul Obermayer (Furt)

The Diastolic Murmurs formed themselves in 1985 during electro-acoustic research within Phillip Wachsmann’s legendary Electronic Music studio (now demolished) at the City Literary Institute, Room 53, Keeley House, Keeley Street, London WC2.
Primarily their aesthetic was to explore as fully as possible the “occult” sound-world inherent in any given object or material (with a preference for the damaged, broken, and discarded) and their extraction or autopsy with the use of contact microphones.
In the mid 1980’s they performed what they termed “live” Electronic Dissections, turning their microcosm into a macrocosm, acutely aware perhaps of Artaud’s call for “sounds that cannot be endured”. In their 30+ years career they have collaborated and performed with Dr Edward Scheer, Michael Prime, Furt, Clive Graham, and more recently with artist and writer Douglas Park and stylist and film Director Phoenix Blu-Coyle. Tonight’s performance with Paul Obermayer (one half of Furt) also features some very special mystery guests.  Institution of Rot Archive & related on YouTube  Richard Crow (Institution of Rot) on Soundcloud  Richard Crow (Institution of Rot) on Bandcamp

Psych.KG is a German Label run by German experimental artist and producer Matthias Horn, that releases bespoke vinyl, CD and cassette by Kommissar Hjuler Und Frau, Dissecting Table, Steve Dalachinsky, Sudden Infant, Pacific 231 and many, many others.

David Ellis’ Rapid Response Unit

“Already getting a sense that I’ll be essaying on the noises/voices conveyed down through the copper plumbing pipes of the place around the bend. Voices trapped in them from the 19th century”.

A rogue enthusiast, advocate of radical affability, obstinate otherness and a performer, writer, curator. He was co-founder with BBC writer Hattie Naylor (1994-1997) of ‘Puzzleclub’, a platform for convergent art. Since 1993, Ellis has travelled in Lithuania acting as an advocate for filmmakers and writers as part of a make-shift anthropological inquiry into it’s lesser-known history. Previous collaborators have included Iain Sinclair, Jonas Mekas, Ben Northover, Louis Bennasi, Andrea Dworkin, Ken Hollings, Richard Crow, Stephen Barber, Nitin Chandra Ganatra, Alaknanda Samartha, Simon Tyszko and Paul Burwell, The Horse Hospital. He has acted as fascilitator for Index-on-Censorship, R.I.B.A (Royal Institute of British Architects) and The Sound Archives of the British Library. He was a contributor to ‘Vertigo’ the quarterly magazine for Independent Film and Video and produced ‘Silent Key’ for BBC Radio 3 in 2001. He recently worked on the new Ridley Scott film as Dancer / Background Artist.

Luke Jordan

Faithless speech / dissociated and denatured / overlapping personae / sinister fusion / WITHOUT A FACE /spectral voices / lost selves / who is speaking? / self unmanifested / rotted mouth / EAT HER FLESH / tissue of symbols / carnal knowledge / human time / acid-free / domestic interiors /unresolved anxieties / real or imagined / double limitation / lasting ghosts / dissident sitters / undressed / disturbingly fetishized / involuntary laughter / concepts of semen / sticky stumbling block / blind man / seed-soul / vehicles of spirit / sublimed matter / bodily wastes / medium oozes / spitting or leaking / ectoplasmic masks / reabsorbed / white of egg / viscous skeins / shapeless / beyond figuration / outer darkness / lunar eclipse / outward form / inward processes / METEMPSYCHOSIS / sovereignty of vision / blind eye / probing interior / fantasies visible / erotic figures / body of the medium / into the wounds / primacy of touch / base reality / flesh rises / freak productions / creatures of chance / anti-self / enfleshed fragility / personal apocalypse / wrongs of the past / dematerialised / memory itself / rushing noise / savage spectacles / state violence / urgency of control / reality of flesh / apocalyptic sublime / raging demiurge / bald animal / class hatred / summoned realities / nations fall / unknown languages / spell of exclusion /paranoid territory / transitional / state between worlds / fractured consciousness / shaping the forms / welter of representations / “The images are not alive”. / only semblance / spectral incarnations / perfect fabrications / false flesh / freshly imagined / flash of thought / passages of moments / invented memories / ever repeating.

MAMA BAER for the maincontrol (stupid time) w/ KOMMISSAR HJULER (Film)

FOR THE MAINCONTROL (Part 3 of Mama Baer’s series STUPID TIME) deals with the anticipation of the generalized other of a compulsion by society, a compulsion one always feels and has to handle with as an individuum not to become too much separated.
“First album by me created digitally at my home computer, all instruments played and recorded by me, text and voice by me, also mixing, film made later on for this track by me”. Andrea Katharina Hjuler (Mama Baer).

Paradigm Discs
(DJ Set)

Paradigm Discs started in 1995 and is a label for experimental and avant-garde music, specialising in reissues and archival music, as well as releasing the occasional new music. Artists include Adam Bohman, Daphne Oram, Pauline Oliveros, Trevor Wishart, Max Eastley, Morphogenesis and many others.