Kazehito Seki / SW1n-HUNTER / Ariane Stolfi / Iris Garrelfs

IKLECTIK presents,

Kazehito Seki / SW1n-HUNTER / Ariane Stolfi / Iris Garrelfs

Sunday 8 December – doors 7pm – start 7.30pm | £8 adv / £10 otd | BUY TICKETS


Kazehito Seki
Electrifeeding voice artist, Noise musician, Aural acupuncturist, etc. His latest solo project titled Self Toxication explores possibilities of noise music (the music beyond the existing context/idioms of “music”) with extended vocal noise techniques, their amplification, and the feedbacks through re-amplification processes. Kazehito’s unique organic noise with no ready-made effects coins the onliest groove with dynamic physicality.

Exploring stages (or anything with PA) all over the world, also as his lifetime project, he has toured Europe extensively, Japan, Southeast Asia, USA, with Self Toxication, as well as Sweatnosiecore duo project, BNSU, and collaborations with numerous other artists, installations, musicians, performers, etc. Some of his past stages are listed as below: Ende Tymes (2019, 2017 / NYC), TOPH X TUSK FRINGE (2018 / Newcastle), Hluková mystéria (2018 / Ostrava), allEars (2018 / Oslo), MultiDOM (2016~ / Over Europe, at Hausmania, OCCII, Rxxxxhaus, etc), FRIV Festival (2016 / Poznań), MultiMadeira (2015 / Madeira), (LUFF – Lausanne Underground Film&Music Festival 2016, 15), etc.

Various releases of his projects can be found via Brain Pussyfication (Multiverse), DBY Records (Pilsen), Deathwave Industries (Massachusetts), Ideopathic Records (NYC), Larch Records (Łódź), Mapawi Records (Montreal), OOOSOUND (Tokyo), Oxen Records (LA), etc.




SW1n-HUNTER is the solo music project of Adam Denton. Denton works across media as a performer, composer, organiser and researcher. He has been part of numerous scenes and micro-scenes for a couple of decades, spanning subterranean sonics, live art, post-punk and hard to find club(s). He lives to tend to the autonomous fire that burns from the north east of England, alongside an amorphous collective of international agents.

Recent and on-going projects include Trans/Human, TOPH (with MARIAM REZAEI & KENOSIST & WREST), Swarm Front, Blue Lamp Foundation, a duo with Kazehito Seki, a duo with Plastiglomerate and a new duo project with BAD@MATHS member ODIE ji GHAST





Ariane Stolfi

Ariane Stolfi is an architect, designer, programmer and musician, who transit between disciplines and languages. Teacher at the Federal University of South of Bahia, and doctorate in Sonology (ECA-USP), and Master’s graduate in Architecture and Design, her research is directed towards interactive interfaces using web technologies. She collaborates with the Female Laptop Orchestra, and Rebera! project and develops the Playsound.space platform.



Iris Garrelfs

Iris Garrelfs is an artist working on the cusp of music, art, and sociology across improvised performance, multi-channel installations and fixed media projects. At Goldsmiths she co-heads the Unit for Sound Practice Research (SPR) and chairs the Longplayer Working Group which instigated the biennial Longplayer Day; Garrelfs also is Pathway Leader ofthe MMus in Sonic Art. As one of the first UK artists that combine voice with digital processing, Iris is interested in modes of listening as a way of connecting to the world. Her works are have featured in institutions worldwide, for example Tate Britain, the National Gallery, Transmedia Borders Mexico, and MC Gallery New York. She is also a commissioning editor of the open-access journal Reflections on Process in sound.