Kuedo + Lonely Bindi + Turbo Miffy (DJ)

Photo by Joe Coghill

IKLECTIK presents, 

Kuedo + Lonely Bindi + Turbo Miffy (DJ)

Thursday 15 December 2022 | Doors: 8pm | Start: 8:30pm
Our outdoor Kiosk is open from 4pm.

Tickets: £13.50 Advance / £16 OTD https://link.dice.fm/uf0a89eaff38

Kuedo will be performing new material for the first time in London and showcasing his new live show after his album ‘Infinite Window’ for Brainfeeeder. A mixture of ethereal, club and contemporary electronics with a sense of resonative purpose. With support from Turbo Miffy and Lonely Bindi.


Under the name Kuedo, British artist Jamie Teasdale creates widescreen electronic music, standing on the fine line between electronica, classical and pop. Otherworldly in palette but often explosive in dynamics, his signature is to fuse Vangelis-like futuristic melodies with contemporary hip-hop & club influences, synergizing these into a sound all of his own.

Lonely Bindi

Photo by Will Brown

Lonely Bindi emerged from a kaleidoscope of backgrounds, from Indian Classical to UK club music. Rarely opting for the well-worn path, his music defies passive listening. With organic soundscapes, erratic rhythms and moments of unpredictable beauty, Lonely Bindi’s music demands a close listen.

Turbo Miffy (DJ)

Club Pew Pew founder and Illegal Tapes affiliated Turbo Miffy’s performances aim to share the shards of an obsessed soul. Often described as a dedicated trooper, the volatile being when summoned behind the decks, carefully selects a myriad of intense and visceral materials. Turbo Miffy’s signature sound constantly evolves between soft and wavey melodies and chaotic facemelters.

“Sound system powered by AMOENUS. AMOENUS is an art organisation that facilitates, educates, curates and promotes immersive art centred around 3D sound”.