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The Engine Room and IKLECTIK present,


Saturday 19 October – 11am – 1pm | £5| SOLD OUT

The workshop will start and finish here.


Field recording in Brixton, London, Courtesy of Tom Jamieson, New York Times


We all contribute to, and experience the soundscape, however often it is not something we pay close attention to. Aimed at budding and experienced field recordists, podcasters and anyone interested in sound, this workshop offers an introduction to recording and composing with our soundscape, as well as focusing on how we can unlock hidden layers of sound, from underwater sounds, to vibrations, and electrical flows.

Participants will be introduced to specialised mics aimed at recording vibrations, electricity and underwater as well as more conventional techniques. The workshop will commence with a discussion and an introduction to the equipment before we head outside to record the sounds in the area around IKLECTIK. We will discuss the difference between our sonic and visual experiences of space, the soundscape as a field of connection, and how to use sound to convey and explore place and acts of place making.

Important information:

Max 12 participants

Participants will be offered use of contact mics, hydrophones and coil pick ups.

Participants are asked to bring a recording device (a hand held recorder),  if you have one. There is limited access to recording devices for those who do not own one, please note this request in your booking.

All participants will need to bring their personal headphones.


Kate Carr

Carr has been investigating the intersections between sound, place, and emotionality both as an artist and a curator since 2010. During this time she has ventured from tiny fishing villages in northern Iceland, explored the flooded banks of the Seine in a nuclear power plant town, recorded wildlife in South Africa, and in the wetlands of southern Mexico.

Her work has been featured in The New York Times, The Wire, Pitchfork, Fact Magazine, The Quietus, and The Guardian. It has also been played on the radio on stations ranging from various channels of the BBC, to independent stations in Estonia. Her music can be found on the labels Helen Scarsdale (US), Rivertones (UK), Soft (France) 3Leaves (Hungary) Galaverna (Italy) as well as on her own label Flaming Pines.