Live Visuals Book Launch Afterparty

IKLECTIK presents,

Live Visuals Book Launch Afterparty

Sunday 6 November 2022 | Doors: 7pm | Start: 7:25pm

Our outdoor Kiosk will be open from 6pm

Tickets: £6 Advance / £8 OTD

The Live Visuals Book Launch Afterparty will feature a compelling mix of internationally renowned audio-visual artists, from the experimental electronica of Jo Hyde to the live cinema of The Light Surgeons. The event will include a diverse range of performances using new and old technologies, electronic and acoustic instruments, sensors, immersive visuals and general weirdness. Embracing experimentalism, synesthesia, and audio-visual psychedelia, expect to be immersed in sound, vision and technology.
Live Visuals: History, Theory, Practice
Edited by Steve Gibson, Stefan Arisona, Donna Leishman and Atau Tanaka


19.25 Intro by Steve Gibson
19:30 Jo Hyde – Signal to Noise (Ambisonic Audio-visual performance)
20:00 Atau Tanaka/Adriana Sá (Audio-visual Performance with live zither)
20:45-21 The Light Surgeons Atemporal 2.0 (Ambisonic sound and live visuals performance)
22:00 Steve Gibson – VRitual AV (Gestural sound, video and light performance) followed by Steve Gibson/Stefan Arisona Exploding Plastic and Inevitable DJ/VJ set

Joseph Hyde

Joseph Hyde’s background is in electroacoustic music, but his work has moved into diverse areas, incorporating a wide variety of stylistic influences, live electronics, audiovisual and immersive elements. He is a regular collaborator, usually with non-musicians: dancers, visual artists, technologists and scientists. He is an Emeritus Professor in Creative Music Technology at Bath Spa University. His key research interest is Visual Music, centred around the Seeing Sound series which has taken place at Bath Spa and elsewhere over the last 10 years. Signal to Noise is an exploration of audiovisual noise, combining mostly analogue sources (shortwave radios, hacked CRTs, home-made electronics) with digital technologies (in particular ambisonic sound).

Adriana Sá

Trandisciplinary artist, performer-musician-composer, Adriana Sá faces instrument design as part of her creative process, while considering that music involves vision and space, beyond audition. Her main instrument combines a custom zither and software made from scratch, which processes pre-recorded sounds and 3D graphics based on the zither sound. Her performances and installations have been presented worldwide since 1997, in venues such as Experimental Intermedia Foundation NY, Aomori Contemporary Art Center in Japan, Caixa Forum in Spain, or Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and Culturgest in Portugal, among many others. Her creative work also feeds back into scientific work, currently affiliated with CICANT/ Lusófona University Lisbon.

Atau Tanaka

Atau Tanaka studied with Ivan Tcherepnin at Harvard, and John Chowning at CCRMA/Stanford. He has carried out research at IRCAM Centre Pompidou, Apple France, and Sony Computer Science Laboratory (CSL) Paris. His first inspirations came meeting John Cage in the 80s. In the 90s he formed Sensorband with Karkowski and Edwin van der Heide, and has releases on Superpang, SubRosa, Touch/Ash, and NX Records. He has performed at NTT-ICC, Ars Electronica, WOMAD, Sonar, Eyebeam and SFMOMA. He was artistic co-director of STEIM and Edgard-Varèse Guest Professor at TU Berlin. He works at Goldsmiths, Bristol Interaction Group, and MSH Paris Nord.

The Light Surgeons (Chris Allen and Tim Cowie)

The Light Surgeons is a media art studio based in East London founded in 1995 by audiovisual artist, director, and creative producer Christopher Thomas Allen working in collaboration with a range of other designers, animators, filmmakers, music composers, sound artists, software developers, and researchers. Over the past 25 years, the studio has produced a wide range of cross-disciplinary audiovisual artworks, experimental films, installation projects, and ground-breaking live cinema performances. Atemporal 2.0 is a live cinema work by audiovisual artists The Light Surgeons created in memory of the novelist, painter, and poet John Berger. Atemporal 2.0 is simultaneously a musical composition, video artwork, and experimental documentary.

Steve Gibson

Steve Gibson is an interactive media artist, interface designer and audio-visual performer. His experimental electronic CDs include SPASM: The Sound of Virtual Reality and Hacking the Future. He also performs as a body-based performer using motion tracking and gestural devices to control audio-visuals by movement in 3D space. He has presented at many world-leading venues including Ars Electronica, the Whitney Museum of American Art, Digital Art Weeks, the European Media Arts Festival, ISEA, and Cabaret Voltaire. VRitual AV uses gestural and touch interfaces to control audio-visuals, enabling the performer to move his or her hands and draw to perform and mix music, lights and visuals in real-time.

Stefan Arisona aka robot_mixeur

robot_mixeur (aka Stefan Arisona) is a Swiss media artist and computer scientist, based in Zurich. As a DJ and VJ, he mixes elements from minimal techno, tech house and techno into driving soundscapes and pushing beats, augmented with live visuals generated by self-written software. Numerous installations and performances around the globe include Ars Electronica Center Linz, Shelter Shanghai, Corsica Studios London, Rohstofflager Zurich, Open Space Victoria, Conway Centre Chicago, or the world-famous Zouk club in Singapore, where he was resident VJ from 2011 – 2013.

“Sound system powered by AMOENUS. AMOENUS is an art organisation that facilitates, educates, curates and promotes immersive art centred around 3D sound”.