London Improvisers Orchestra

1 Posted by - January 31, 2019 - Music: past

IKLECTIK presents

London Improvisers Orchestra 

Sunday 5 May   – door 8pm – music 8.30pm  | £7/5  tickets on the door only

London Improvisers Orchestra continues its residency at IKLECTIK performing conducted and freely improvised music. Always featuring international guests, dialogues with other art forms and experimental musical gestures placed in fresh new contexts.

Jonny Martin – flügelhorn; Dave Jago – trombone; Neil Metcalfe – flute; Emily Shapiro – clarinet and bass clarinet; Caroline Kraabel – alto saxophone and voice; Dee Byrne – alto saxophone; Cath Roberts – baritone saxophone; Susanna Ferrar – violin; Steve Beresford – piano; Douglas Benford – harmonium; Dave Tucker – guitar; Martin Vishnick – guitar; Pascal Marzan – microtonal 10-string guitar; Phil Durrant – octave mandola; David Leahy – double bass; Dave Fowler – drums; Emil Karlsen – drums; Ng Chor Guan – theremin
Special guests: Max Reed (dance) and Deborah S Phillips (slide collages)
Conductions by Caroline Kraabel (featuring Max Reed),Ng Chor Guan, Dave Jago a.o.