IKLECTIK presents,

(+ DJ Set by A’Bear)

Saturday 6 November 2021 | 8:30pm [8pm doors]

Tickets:  £10 Early Bird / £13 Advance / £15 General Admission https://buytickets.at/iklectik/590074


MICROCORPS is the new project by artist and musician Alex Tucker [Grumbling Fur, Alexander Tucker, Charlemagne Palestine Time Machine Orchestra] exploring electronics, cello and voice. MICROCORPS focusses on processed electronic systems, strings and voice manipulation, ranging from mutant beat exploration to granular frequency cut-ups. The project is born from a balance between composition and improvisation within set parameters, where audio is heavily processed and then reconfigured. This year saw MICROCORPS debut album XMIT – with guest appearances from Gazelle Twin, Nik Void, Simon Fisher Turner and Astrud Steehouder – surface on Luke Younger’s (Helm) ALTER label.


Ph Credit: Stephan Engelke

Ervin Omsk is a pseudonym of Germany based musician and visual artist Sven Fritz. He released an album called Peilen on Orange Milk Records in 2020. This debut is a tactile work based on a spatial approach, using oscillators, claps, percussion, flutes, speech fragments, noise and many other sources to convey a sense of texture and terrain through sound. Each track forms sonic and electronic images of varying dimension, expanse and density, ranging from shrubby vegetative miniatures to threads and voids. Equal attention is paid to the texture, timbre and negative space of the music.


A’Bear is a multi continental avant synth electronic producer and DJ making cosmic inspired piqued out pop layered through with messed up frenetic beats. South African born, Australian raised, and London grown, Janine A’Bear’s music production and live performances encourage inclusivity and feminist utopia on the dance floor. Described by Resident Advisor as ‘wonderfully unhinged’, A’bear combines psychedelic polyrhythms with distorted bass lines and warped vocals. Trained in gong meditation A’Bear explores her deep connection with the chaos of sound leaving her unique imprint across diverse activities including: her regular radio show TweaK on Bristol’s Noods and guest spots on Netil, New Rivers, NTS and Red Light radio; hypnotic live analogue synth club sets; and transcendental track releases on labels including Elestial Sound (USA) and Система (RU). 

“Sound system powered by AMOENUS. AMOENUS is an art organisation that facilitates, educated, curates and promotes immersive art centred around 3D sound”