My Eyes! My Eyes! presents In the Earth

IKLECTIK presents,

My Eyes! My Eyes! presents In the Earth

Wednesday 22 February 2023 | Doors: 7pm | Start: 7:30pm
Our Kiosk opens 1 hour before doors.

Tickets: £10 Advance / £12 OTD

Veteran London film freaks My Eyes! My Eyes! present an(other) evening with UK director, Ben Wheatley with a screening of ‘In the Earth’. Joining Ben will be author John Higgs for a post-screening conversation.

Join us for an unforgettable night with Ben’s searing (almost) companion to ‘A Field in England’. ‘In the Earth’ is a film best seen on a big screen and in ear widening sound. IKLECTIK’s Amoneus 3D sound system will speed yr trip.

In the Earth (2021)

As a deadly virus ravages the world, Dr. Martin Lowery (Joel Fry) embarks on a mission to reach test site ATU327A, a research hub deep in the Arboreal Forest. The arduous journey, guided by park scout Alma (Ellora Torchia), is set back by a nighttime attack that leaves the two bruised and shoeless. When they run into Zach (Reece Shearsmith), a man living off the grid, they gratefully accept his help. Zach’s intentions aren’t exactly what they seem, however, and a path out of the forest and into safety quickly fades as the line between myth and science blurs.
Also starring: Hayley Squires; John Hollingworth; and Mark Monero. Directed, edited and written by Ben Wheatley; produced by Andy Starke; with special effects by Dan Martin; cinematography by Nick Gillespie; production design by Felicity Hickson; animations by Cyriak; original score by Clint Mansell; and sound design by Martin Pavey.

Ben Wheatley

John Higgs

 “A while ago I decided to read anything Higgs writes,” said Frank Cottrell Boyce, “He seems to be able to take any subject — pop music, Watling Street, conspiracy theories, robotics — and poke at it until it yields up its secrets.” My Eyes! My Eyes! highly recommend: ‘William Blake vs the World’ (2021); ‘Stranger Than We Can Imagine: Making Sense of the Twentieth Century (2016); ‘The KLF: Chaos, Magic and the Band who Burned a Million Pounds’ (2013); and ‘I Have America Surrounded: The Life of Timothy Leary’ (2006).

My Eyes! My Eyes!

Began screening in South London in the mid-to-late 90s. Opening with the premiere of the first feature length by the future South Park team. They have screened across the country in non-cinema spaces: warehouses; distressed boozers; galleries; riverboats and squats. Hosting irregular but hugely popular and well-regarded film-based events, they are grateful to the IKLECTIK team for this first evening in a series of unique collaborations.

“Sound system powered by AMOENUS. AMOENUS is an art organisation that facilitates, educates, curates and promotes immersive art centred around 3D sound”.