Naix (Galaxian) album launch FE

IKLECTIK and Furthur present,

Naix (Galaxian) album launch FE

Friday 3 March 2023 | Doors: 7:30pm
Our Kiosk opens 1 hour before doors.

Tickets: £13.50 Advance / £16 OTD

Album launch and a debut show by Naix, a brand new project from Galaxian. Support by Nanzhen Yang (DJ) and Anil (DJ).

Warning: Some performances might use strobes and/or flashing lights.

Naix (aka Galaxian)

Naix is the new brainchild of renowned producer Mark Kastner better known as Galaxian, adding another aspect to Kastners ground-breaking work as Galaxian & Kas. Forging it’s own identity & unique sound, it’s antecedent heritage can be found most closely in the luminary artists of Warp & Rephlex labels like AFX, Squarepusher, Caustic Window, Mike Dred, Clark, μ-Ziq converging with strong techno aspects reminiscent of Bjarki, Surgeon, Perc.
The debut LP unfolds over 8 tracks of spellbinding flair. A poignant ode to what was, paths chosen, others not taken “Words & song titles derived from a final love letter, never sent” as the album artwork tells us.
It’s an intricate mosaic of barking, overdriven drum work that unites with shimmering orchestral backdrops, punctuated by frazzled circuits. Incessant, primal, smash-face kick drum patterns submit to vast ensemble string like sections. Others are intimate, delicately fragile, beatless, free-floating songs. All prodded & probed.
The new project launches in early 2023 with Naix “Remains” 2×12″ LP released 24th February on Furthur Electronix accompanying the debut of a bold new all-hardware live show & performance dates.

Nanzhen Yang (DJ)

Nanzhen Yang is a London-based multiple-disciplinary artist and DJ. Nanzhen’s music aims to create an imaginable dancing environment for the audience, taking the dancing people on the journey by serving her narrative, cinematic and emotional DJ set. Mixing techno music with a few other genres and sub-genres, nanzhen always breaks the boundaries on track picking and set design, putting her experimental and naughty mind in use for sharing a fantastic sonic trip for her beloved dancing spirits.

Anil (DJ)

The label came to fruition via Anil Lal, a devoted authority on leftfield electronic music best known for his omnipresent Discogs handle, spa5tik0lonz. Anyone with even a passing interest in digging the ploughs and furrows of techno, acid, electro and electronica will have spotted his dedicated, honest appraisals of totemic classics and niche nuggets alike. This headsy, fan-collector foundation speaks volumes for the principles Furthur Electronix operates with. Of course, as with all treasured labels, visual aesthetics plays a vital role in cementing Furthur’s presence, and graphic designer Majkel was instrumental in the label being established and striking out with a strong identity from the first release.

“Sound system powered by AMOENUS. AMOENUS is an art organisation that facilitates, educates, curates and promotes immersive art centred around 3D sound”.