NON DUAL Presents: Sounding Out

NON DUAL presents,

Sounding Out
with Li Yilei, Joan Low, Li Song, Zhuo Mengting and Cedrik Fermont

Thursday 14 April 2022 | 8:30pm [8pm doors] – Till 11:30pm

Tickets: £10 avd / £14 ord

Since our last event in late 2019 at Iklectik, Non Dual is back with our new series of events, ‘Sounding Out’, joined by Cedrik Fermont, nonnon (Joan Low and Li Yilei), and timeless clock and slow software (Li Song and Zhuo Mengting). 

This on-going series will bring live performances from diasporic artists and musicians working at the intersection of live art, sound art, experimental music, as well as sonic interpretations. This event aims to connect musicians, artists and audiences from non-western backgrounds working with sound based practices.

Artists bio

nonnon is a live art and experimental sound performance artist duo made up of Joan Low and Li Yilei.  

Joan Low is an artist from Singapore working with live art and moving image. Her work surrounds discussions of the abject body, power, and failure. She is the co-director of Non Dual Collective, organising events, exhibitions, and talks focused on POC and emerging/mid-career artists. 

Li Yilei is a London-based multi-disciplinary artist and composer working across performance, text, theatre, sculpture, and installation. With a background in fine art and sound art, their body of work finds profundity in subtlety and the banal, translated into abstracted sonic and visual languages. Li’s body of work and musical releases reflect their practice of alternative modes of listening and existence, as well as the contemplation of phenomena. 
Their musical work, which polarises between tranquil and minimalist, and abrasive and harsh, frequently incorporates found objects, theremins, tapes, field recordings, modular synths, and the guqin. Raised by a Buddhist nun, Li’s work is strongly influenced by the Eastern ideologies of emptiness, zen, and transience. Being on the autistic spectrum, Li’s sensory processing issues and neurodivergent perceptions significantly informs their creative process, and their work can be perceived as a product of this navigation.
Since 2017, Li has been performing internationally and releasing music, as well as composing and producing for theatre. Their work has been showcased and performed in museums, concert halls, and international festivals, as well as reviewed/featured in various digital and print publications.

Cedrik Fermont (aka C-drík, Kirdec, Cdrk) is a Berlin-based Belgian-Congolese composer, musician, mastering engineer, author, radio host, concert organiser, independent researcher and label manager (at Syrphe) who operates in the field of noise, electronic and experimental music since 1989.
His compositions and installations vary from sound art and electroacoustic to noise, to industrial to more conventional “dance” music such as electronica or acid and so on ; solo and in collaborative projects (as Axiome, Tasjiil Moujahed, Ambre, with Marie Takahashi, Luong Hue Trinh, and many more). He has toured extensively in Eurasia, Africa and North America, and his main research focuses on electronic, electroacoustic, experimental and noise music from Asia and Africa. He composed music for sound installations, theatre and choreographies, including collaborations with Robyn Orlin, Guangdong Modern Dance Company (GMDC) and Dao Anh Khanh.

In 2017 he released together with Dimitri della Faille the book Not Your World Music about noise music in South-East Asia, winner of the 2017 “Golden Nica” Prix Ars Electronica in the “Digital Musics & Sound Art” category. In 2005, his soundtrack for the experimental film Atalodz directed by Gisèle pape won the best prize at Côté Court festival, Paris/Montreuil, France.

Mengting Zhuo is a Chinese performance maker based in London. She received her MA in Performance Making from Goldsmiths, University of London.
Her work often is participatory and conceptual, fusing sound, objects and site, aiming at creating an experience beyond words and finding power in quietness. 
Her work has been performed/exhibited internationally, including the UK, China, Germany, Czech Republic and Italy.

Li Song is a London-based musician and software engineer. He performs improvised music with his computer and composes music using electronics and acoustic instruments. His collaborative project with Zhu Wenbo, No Performance, focuses on compositions using environment sounds, acoustic instruments, computer algorithms, and random sequence. He is also a member of computer network music ensemble and research group, [ _ _ _ ] (with Jia Liu and Shuoxin Tan), focusing on algorithmic collaboration.

“Sound system powered by AMOENUS. AMOENUS is an art organisation that facilitates, educates, curates and promotes immersive art centred around 3D sound”.