oSciLlaTioNs – summer solstice improvised music festival – 19th-21st June 2015

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Friday 19th

Doors Open 7.45 £7 / £5 cons

Hutch Demouilpied + Keisuke Matsui

James Gilbert (Tenor sax) + Paul Weinreb ( Piano) + Ricardo  Dos Santos (Double Bass)

Ian MAcGowan (Trumpet) + Marcio Mattos (Cello) + David Stockard (Percussion)

Saturday 20th


Doors Open 1.15 1.30-2.30 Entry Voluntary Contribution 

Sue Lynch (Tenor Sax ) + Dawid Frydryk (Trumpet) + Guillaume Viltard (Double Bass) +  Dave Fowler (Drums)


Doors Open 3.30pm- 4pm-6pm  £7 / £5 cons

Emi Watanabe (Japanese flutes) + Beibei Wang (percussion) Rowland Sutherland  (Alto flute)

John Rangecroft (Tenor Sax & Clarinet ) + Marcio Mattos (Bass & Electronics) + Dave Tucker (Electric Guitar) 


Doors Open 7.30-  8.30-10pm  £7 / £5 cons

LIO ( London Improvisers Orchestra)

Sunday 21st

From 4.30am to 23:00pm more than 40 musicians will be performing every 30min to celebrate the summer solstice.

4:30am Daniel Thompson/Adrian Northover
5:00am Carole Finer
5:30am Sue Lynch
6:00am Caroline Kraabel
6.30am Julie Pickard
7:00am Anina Hug
7.30am Rie Nakajima
8:00am Catrinel Doran + Grahame Painting
8:30am OdO
9:00am Richard Sanderson.
9.30am Douglas Benford
10:00am Cathrine Pluygers
10:30am Atsuko Kamura
11:00am Ansuman Biswas
11:30am Kevin Poulton
12:00am Cleveland Watkiss
12:30pm Robert Clarke/Noel Taylor/Guillaume Viltard.
13:15pm Jean Lee, Rachel Gomme + Quirk Chamber Collective
14:00pm Louis Moholo/Caroline Kraabel/John Edwards/Neil Metcalf.
15.00pm Daniel Thompson, Daniel Kordik ,Tom Jackson , Ed Lucas ,Neil Metcalfe ,David Stockard ,Tom Wheatley
17.00pm Caroline Kraabel /Max Reed / Jackie Walduck

17.30pm Steve Noble. Solo
18.00pm Guillaume Viltard /Loz/Dav
18.30pm David Leahy
19.00pm Dawid Frydryk + Jakub Cywinski+ Simon Roth
19.30pm Juan Antonio Xas
20.00pm Satoko Fukuda
20.30pm Verity Susman ( C.U.P .)
21:00pm Bitten By A Monkey (Dylan Bates/Roland Bates)
21.30pm Sue Ferrar
21:45pm Matt Scott-Solo Accordion
22:00pm Greta Pistaceci
22:30pm Ntshuks Bonga (sax)/Kay Grant( Vocals).
23:00pm Blanca <regina + Special Guest
23:30pm Finish.