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The Museum of (W)Earkind by Susan Atwill
The emergence of fossilised sound is currently housed on the second floor of the Museum of (W)Earkind. The wall mineral is found only in Weardale, a matrix of fluorspar particles where sound is able to squeeze and embed itself.

The county’s coal mines, an industry long since destroyed, reactivated the fossilised sound during the coal mining industry’s dominance from the 18th century until 1993. For the first time, the collection of fossilised sounds are brought together and are heard merging in a cacophony of dialect and ancient pressure.

photo: Jones Sylvain Larosa

Beginningless Mind by Marija Bozinovska Jones
Beginningless Mind is a three-fold audio-visual narrative that interacted in real time with search engines using natural language processing (a subfield of AI) to decipher today’s ordering of knowledge. Featuring music score composed by 33EMYBW and J.G. Biberkopf (Gediminas Zygus) and software developed by Jayson Haebich, the work examines the flowing process of interconnectedness. The audiovisual trilogy observes a (post)colonial symbiosis of nature and culture through Wikipedia as knowledge commons. It follows life on Earth as energy and information unwinding the cosmic law from order to disorder, where the earthling is the youngest, yet most detrimental species. Scalable timeframes explored earthy life from its early imaginings to live satellite imaging. The worldmaking produced by remote sensing of scientific apparatus is queered with ancient systems of beliefs. The threefold narrative considered planetary kinship as a visceral sense of interconnectedness grounded in terrestrial breathing patterns and how other ecosystems’ (animals, plants, earth elements) breath is mirrored in our own.

photo: Damian Griffiths

Selachimorpha & Semelparous by Joey Holder
Commissioned for Conspiracy Week at The Photographers Gallery (Media Wall), Joey Holder takes a particular scene from the 1975 film Jaws to look at the ways in which manipulated images are appropriated and circulated by Internet culture as ‘fact’.

The scene, which shows a shooting star flaring behind hero Roy Schneider, has become fodder for conspiracy theories. The ease of ‘adapting’ and then distributing images – such as deserts, outer space and oceans – offers a rich breeding ground for the fictional and make believe. Taking its name from a scientific classification for sharks, this project morphs between factual and fictional images, symbols and memes; exposing the continually shifting belief systems we use to define our world.

‘Semelparous’ characterises a species that undertakes a single reproductive episode before death. A unique and generative strategy in which the organism inputs all available resources into maximising reproduction at the expense of future life. Each autumn, European Eels leave their freshwater river homes and migrate more than 3,000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean, to the bottom of the Sargasso Sea, to breed for a single time. The eels’ reproductive life has eluded scientists and philosophers for centuries, as humans have never witnessed nor recorded their spawning rituals.

Semelparous revolves around Holder’s newest video work, situated within a complex physical structure, the eel is depicted as a mythological symbol, biological specimen, and it’s most controversial role: food. Unable to replicate the species enigmatic reproductive life in captivity, young European Eels have been extracted and illegally trafficked to farms throughout various regions of Eastern Asia. These practices have severely impacted the populations, and as of 2011, the European Eel has remained critically endangered.

Conversation with Nkisi & Marija Bozinovska Jones [Talk + Q&A, moderated by Lia Mice]

This talk will shed light on Nkisi’s new research platform The Secret Institute and the practice of Marija Bozinovska Jones.

photo: Chris Turner

Lia Mice
Lia Mice is a London-based multidisciplinary artist whose works include electronic music production, instrument design, live A/V performance and interactive sculpture. A winner of the 2021 Oram Award and member of the Augmented Instruments Lab, Mice’s unique productions are the result of years of studio experimentation with technology old and new. Mice’s all-hardware live A/V sets feature her large-scale self-designed instruments Prism Bell and Chaos Bells. She has performed live in renowned venues The Tate Modern Tate Lates, The Barbican, Museum of Arts and Design (New York) and WOMB (Tokyo). Her album The Sampler As A Time Machine is out on Optimo Music. 

design: Endless Prowl

ENGLAND’S COUNCIL OF LEGISLATION AND GOVERNING BODY OF HYPER REAL SIMULATIONS AND CONSTRUCTS  is an organization dedicated to the study and governance of the cumulus of transient folklore that underlie the fabric of research in meta-worldbuilding and tracing the origins of various virtualities embedded into the contemporary society through the digital. In doing so, the council utilizes curation markets and cryptoeconomics, apparatuses that process signs, recompilation and pseudepigraphy, philosophy of the mind, research in artificial intelligence, hyperreality, quantum physics, textual divinations and sonic experimentation. Founded in a sacred place capable of representing after an ancient deal has been broken.

photo: Susu Laroche

Nkisi presents The Secret Institute
The Secret Institute presents 4426, a vibrational chamber shifting the referential poles,  activated with a special secret performance and is a new alias and research platform led by Nkisi that focuses on investigating ancient sonic traditions, sonic experimentation, and the mysteries of the subtle power of vibration and intentional sound waves. Here, music and sound are considered as important vehicles for research and transmitting information outside of the rational and oppressive systems of knowledge centralized towards dominant forces

The Secret Institute aims to engage with sound and music from another perspective, not as mere entertainment but rather as reservoirs full of data and as communication devices. The Institute focuses on investigating the mysteries of sound through ancient traditions and mythologies of cosmic knowledge. Music vehicles history and realizes agreements between human society and the invisible forces, it therefore acts as a powerful vector of social cohesion, which explains the survival of sonic ancestral forms among people of African descent. Many of these sonic technologies are practices that engage with the relationships between vibrational harmonics and the emergence of materiality, how these affect the body through data transmissions in cell reproduction and how it stimulates neural networks and vibrational fields. Many of these sonic practices where commonly used for educational and healing purposes before mass destruction on the African continent(slavery, colonialism,…), after most traditions had to go underground bound by secrecy.

Otherness: Fashion, Faith, and Fantasy in the New Art of the Universe
Through their research and practice, the panelists will be able to expand on the theme of Otherness.

Terry Tyldesley
Terry Tyldesley is a creative technologies producer and music tech consultant, who works with innovators, artists and entrepreneurs to bring their visions to life.

Founder of inclusive music and tech site Kitmonsters, and former Chair of ethical music streaming co-operative Resonate, Terry is a tutor on the JUMP EU Music Market Accelerator, and lectures in music tech at the School of Music Business

She produced the WITCiH Digital Festival featuring Laurie Anderson, Music Tech Fest in Berlin, and the Volo VR thrill ride at Fantastic Feats festival in London

Terry is also an artist and producer working as Kat Five and with her band Feral Five, and her music features on BBC Radio 6 Music, Radio X and in film. She is currently experimenting with AI music creation and VR visuals.

SL_genCore by Pietro Bardini
SL_genCore is an audio-visual piece produced by a genetic algorithm. It uses the geological formation of the sunken lane (or Holloways) as a starting point to explore the effects of interaction between the landscape and its dwellers. Sunken lanes are routes that centuries of use have eroded down into the bedrock so that they recessed beneath the level of the surrounding landscape. They form essential networks for rural communication formed by hundreds of years of human, vehicular and animal movements aided by running water. They are landmarks that speak of habit rather than of suddenness, connecting past with the present, living with non-living. SL_genCore shows an ever-growing, tentacular path shaped by the movements of the algorithm. All actions are equally important, building on top of each other – with each new growth relying on its previous generations

Dylan Henner + Rebecca Salvadori & Leah Walker
Dylan Henner is a UK musician whose experimental / ambient records have been released by AD93, Phantom Limb and Dauw. 

‘Footage’ uses archival sound and video material from video artists Rebecca Salvadori and Leah Walker, and original music by Walker, as the material for transformation and play. Performed side by side, footage is a pre scored AV live set creating a dialogue between extremely diverse video materials. The audience is encouraged to find its own narrative and the footage combinations are never the same.


photo: Milica Balubdzic

Jung An Tagen + Rainer Kohlberger
Dissociative psychedelia: That’s what Jung An Tagen and Rainer Kohlberger call this audio-visual piece they’ve developed as a commissioned work for donaufestival 2021. Stefan Juster alias Jung An Tagen performs a composition of digital and acousmatic sounds—coincidental, “fake”, elusive sounds; Rainer Kohlberger constructs an installation of video and strobe lights, which conquers the observer’s perceptual apparatus so resolutely that everything arbitrary and undefined soon seems mandatory and inevitable.

Elsa Hewitt 
Elsa Hewitt is a musician, songwriter, producer and sound artist who over the span of seven albums has carved out her own distinct flavour of experimental electronic art pop. Possessing a flair for aesthetic and sound design since she started recording in 2003, the gifted writer boundlessly blends elements of ambient, dance and modern classical into finely balanced beats and songs covering a complete spectrum of feelings, moods and beauty.

ANAKHEMIA is the artist persona of Afra Khan who is a music producer, live controllerist and DJ. With deep-rooted interests in inter-planetary exploration, wireless technology and abstract sound frequencies, her music can be expected to flow through a canvas of sonic textures that are anti, raw, evocative, cinematic and avant-garde. She was shortlisted as a lyricist at the UK Songwriting Contest, 2013, judged by top Grammy, Emmy, CMA and Brit Gold and Platinum award-winning producers and artists for her track, ‘Run Into The Wild’. Having self-released her debut track, ‘The Prophecy’ in November 2015, she has received support from press and veterans in the electronic dance music industry such as the Techno Originator – Juan Atkins, André Winter, Discwoman and many more. The music video for ‘The Prophecy’ was then selected for display at ‘Techno & the City’ art exhibition hosted by Techno & Philosophy and Fiumano Art Gallery in London in November 2016, where it shared space with pioneering Techno visual artists who’ve worked with music legendaries like Juan Atkins, Underground Resistance, Jeff Mills and many more. In 2017, ANAKHEMIA was nominated in the Best Electronic Act category by Radio Wigwam, U.K. She was also curated under the VISIBILITY banner in 2019 at the premier electronic music exhibition – Expo Electro – hosted at the Philharmonie de Paris, where she was represented alongside visual works of legendary electronic musicians like Daft Punk and Kraftwerk. Her hybrid / live AV set titled ‘SATYRNUS – The Wise Prince,’ performed for the Women in Experimental Festival, March 2021 is archived in the Sound and Moving Image Catalogue at The British Library, U.K. In April 2021, she was commissioned to design an audio-visual performance film for Alicia Ali’s poetry recital – ‘No Reality But Me’ at TEDxKAUST, Saudi Arabia. She continues to be inspired by the position of technology in music and pop-culture, while remaining curious about the influence of electronic music on human behaviour.

Joshua Sabin
Joshua Sabin is a composer and sound artist based in Edinburgh, Scotland, and signed to renowned Berlin label Subtext Recordings. His album works have brought together archival recordings, folk instrumentation, and field-recordings and electromagnetic field recordings captured in transit through Kyoto, Tokyo, Berlin, and Scotland.

Joshua Sabin will be performing his album Sutarti where he draws influence from the compositional structures and psychoacoustic properties that exist within early Lithuanian folk music, exploring the emotional potency of the human voice through the manipulation of elements of archival recordings.

photo: Brandon Rosenbluth

Roly Porter + Endless Prowl
After his time as one half of Vex’d during the ‘golden era’ of UK dubstep, Bristol’s Roly Porter, embarked on a solo career, composing epic, atmospheric electronic music alongside his brethren of Subtext Recordings with LPs including Aftertime, Life Cycle of a Massive Star and Third Law, sonically portraying the awe inspired by our inner and outer universes. 2016’s Third Law, released on Tri Angle Records, is a stunning mass of choral voices, strings, and synthesizers punctuated by pulverizing percussive bursts, almost attacking the listener at the most tension-filled moments, as if emanating deep from within the planet’s core. In June 2020, Subtext released Porter’s fourth solo studio album, ‘Kistvaen’, exploring ancient burial rites from the moorlands of southwestern England, which features the work vocalists trained in local singing traditions. ‘Kistvaen’ contrasts primordial motifs with that of the 21st-century life in designed environments and an evolving virtual existence. The music blurs boundaries between field recording, folk instrumentation and digital processing, which although beatless creates a profound effect using dark ambiance, deep electronics, and immersive sound design. This otherworldly sonic necromancy, where long dormant spirits are evoked, is brought to life in front of audiences with the masterful film and light work of MFO and powerful performance of vocalist Mary-Anne Roberts.

Endless Prowl is the ongoing technological, experimentative, multifaceted artistic practice of Naarm based artist, D.P. Ford. Through Endless Prowl, Ford creates an overarching link via technology and aesthetic through a myriad of forms including embroidery laden garments, intricate textured digital paintings, detailed 3D models, VR sculptures, sound design, graphic design and typography. Ford’s work is informed by their own battle with mental illness and technology addiction, as well as concepts surrounding gender, identity, institution, isolation, and philosophical theory. The collaboration of media and techniques utilised in Endless Prowl emanate from Ford’s beginnings as an illustrator and musician in Memphis, Tennessee.

Producer & DJ based in London, has released albums with New Atlantis, Lo Recordings and Post-Geography & held residencies on NTS and Noods
https://jqjq.bandcamp.com https://soundcloud.com/jq_music