PROXY.1 [an audio visual broadcast project by Aurelia Coop]

IKLECTIK presents,

an audio visual broadcast project by Aurelia Coop

Tuesday 3 May 2022 | 8:30pm [8pm doors] – Open till 11pm

Tickets: £6 Students / £8 Advance / £10 otd

I. Nakhla aka end measure
HapticTapes [beatrice vorster, rep. aurelia]
Nanzhen Yang

Aurelia cooperative and ONE Project invite you to join a night bound to the idea of proxy. From more than 40 submissions in response to the term ‘proxy’, three performers will explore what it means to be the mediator of ideas and the possibilities of forming social bodies through intermediaries. Expect polyrhythmic negotiations, associative cuts and spoken word textures with performances by HapticTapes, Nanzhen Yang and End Measure.
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[ PROXY. At first referencing the internet term of bypassing the official route; the idea of bypass in itself, the position of the interlocutor, the translator, the interface, the surrogate.]

ORGANISED BY: aurelia cooperative is a collective research interface, online archive and a set of conscious affiliations. Through workshops, educational activities and lyrical audio-visual experiments in collective doing and undoings the tentacled cooperative aims to to develop rhythmic states of language play that liquify terms to consider their associative periphery. current aurelia members: eva kraljic, yasmin vardi, beatrice vorster.

With thanks to: ONE Project – a curatorial project showcasing a singular artwork as a starting point for the discussion about the slow art movement led by an artist and PhD researcher Magdalena Zoledz .

Beatrice Vorster (HapticTapes)

[beatrice vorster, rep. aurelia] negotiates ideas of rhythm, aliveness and computational thinking through sonic experiments with recording and reproducing.

I. Nakhla aka end measure

I. Nakhla aka end measure is a London based artist and musician. Nakhla has exhibited and performed work in spaces across the UK, including The Bloomsbury Theatre London, and The Saatchi Gallery. Recent projects include a limited edition vinyl record, large-scale drawings, augmented reality scores, spoken word and musical radio experiments. Nakhla’s practice is a mashup of music, writing, drawing and performance. Their work takes the form of rhythmic, bodily, and mechanical investigations into affect and transmission. Nakhla shape shifts, transcends and magnifies her voice as an act of queer-feminist protest and play. Improvisation, interdependence and collaboration form a large part of their practice, whilst emphasising fun as a radical tool of agency.

Nanzhen Yang

Nanzhen Yang is a Chinese-born, London based visual artist and DJ. She plays with the rhythm between text, digital moving images, and sound. Her sound works are normally formed by the fragments of field recordings as the found objects to sculpt new continuing works. She works by mixing field recordings and human voices as samples for adding narratives and contexts in her sets. Nanzhen wishes you could practise yoga and meditation while dancing with the sound. Her sound pieces and DJ sets are made to take people on a physical and emotional journey.

“Sound system powered by AMOENUS. AMOENUS is an art organisation that facilitates, educated, curates and promotes immersive art centred around 3D sound”.