Sat 10 March 7.30pm | £12

Recording Sessions, curated by Giovanni La Rovere, presents :

Concert series focusing on recording projects of free improvisation, free jazz, electro-acoustic improvisation and contemporary compositions.

Tom Chant – saxophones

John Edwards – double bass

Eddie Prevost – drums

+ Interview with Philip Clark

Saturday 10th March 2017, doors open 7:30pm, starts 8:00pm. Entry: £12 BUY TICKET




Eddie created the trio in the spring of 1997 for a recording session that was to be used for their first disc “Touch.” This was followed in the year 2000 with “The Virtue In If” and 2003 with “The Blackbirds Whistle.” Their fourth disc, titled “All Change” was recorded beneath Waterloo Station in London in the summer of 2012.

The trio has played at major music festivals around the world including Vancouver International Jazz Festival, Nickelsdorf Konfrontationen, Ulrichsberg Kaleidophon and the Freedom of the City Festival in London.

The trio explores a full range of expression; microscopic buzzes and tweets morph into torrents of rhythm and noise. The trio’s jazz heritage finds a voice in passages of free swing, loping basslines and flowing melodies. Their shared love of the intricacies of sound can be heard in layers of shimmering cymbals, whistling tones and string harmonics. An equal dialogue (or trialogue) underpins their music making, and voices, ideas, themes and motifs are often passed around the musicians, mutating as they do so, giving shape, motion and narrative to the improvisations.

Recording Sessions is a concert series focusing on live recordings of free improvisation, free jazz, electro- acoustic improvisation and experimental composition projects. This series of events works with musicians and artists to develop an idea (or project) undertake research, capture a specific meeting of particular musicians and ultimately to explore the creative resource that is listening and the differences between the two predominant modes of making music: composition & improvisation.

Experimental music and recording technology has undeniably influenced 20th and 21st century music making and developing a culture of listening to experimental music. Recording sessions intends to explore the interconnections among the aesthetics of Experimental Music and the aesthetics of sound recording with a focus on the act of Listening to research & explore our responses to music as it is experienced at live events (or when listening to recordings).

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