SAT 16 JUNE | 8pm | £5

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IKLECTIK presents…

SAT 16 JUN | 8pm Doors | £5

Queer +_ Noise 

# a psycho-social experiment #

Presenting the trans-formalities of body-technologies in a theoretical environment of mythological surrealism where to resist techno-capitalism Influenced by noise experimental electronics improv and open source music

Skat Injektor  | James Shearman | Jose Macabra | Lydia Morgan


Skat Injektor

Speedcore Splittercore Digital Grindcore

James Shearman

Dusty Ritualism Noise-wall

Jose Macabra

Sound Design/Sound Art Ambient Industrial

Lydia Morgan

Lydia Musonic

Drone Post-doom Noise Electroacoustic