Thursday 2 March 8pm | £8/£6 concessions

IKLECTIK presents :

Thursday 2 March -doors 8pm – music 8.30pm | £8/£6 concessions (at the door)


Han-earl Park (guitar)
Dominic Lash (double bass)
Mark Sanders (drums)
Caroline Pugh (voice and electronics)

Somewhere out there, there’s an SUV-sized violin tailgating, a No Wave guitarist desperately trying to survive in the Appalachian Mountains, someone dropping sheets of metal during a Jazz Session, an evolutionary biologist finding themselves speaking in tongues (Awash in Blue).

Hear guitarist Han-earl Park push and pull on the guitar-amplifier dancing partners, Dominic Lashand his double bass damage hanging artwork, Mark Sanders excavate caverns in the smallest spaces for his percussion, and Caroline Pugh sing the lines that border the intelligible and the cryptic.

Sirene 1009 features guitarist Han-earl Park who has performed with some of the best improvisers from the Americas, Asia and Europe. He is part of ensembles including the London-based Mathilde 253 with Charles Hayward and Ian Smith, the New York-based Eris 136199 with Nick Didkovsky and Catherine Sikora, and the Berlin-based Numbers with Richard Barrett.

The molten, musical core of the ensemble comprises the virtuosic bassist, composer and sound artist Dominic Lash, and Mark Sanders, arguably the most sought-after avant-jazz and free improvisation drummer of his generation.

During the Culture Ireland funded tour of England in 2015, Belfast-based experimental folk singer and electronics performer Caroline Pugh joined Sirene 1009, bringing an additional layer of levity and exuberance to the already playful interactions of the trio.

With musicians representing diverse strands of present-day improvised musics, prepare for a performance that fragments and recombines musical histories, a performance that leaps unexpectedly between noise, melody, dissonance, harmony and rhythm.