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If we think of a system as a group of cohesively interrelated elements, then, depending on the temporal and spatial framing, anything can be a system. These types of considerations have been a focal point in the culture of production, conception and critique of the New Maker Ensemble.

This time, SISTEMA (system) has served as a starting point for all the work developed in this new music programme. The way we challenged the various creators, we also challenge you to think of systems: Where are they? How are they created? What are they made of? What do they produce? How do they evolve? How are they part of us or us part of them?



“Examination of a free person” by Barnaby Goodman

“Self-Explanatory Music” by Alex Nikiporenko

“Scaled definitions of unsustainable subjects” by Sara Rodrigues

“The passion for destruction is a creative passion too” by Rodrigo B. Camacho

“BLANK SLATE” by Greta Eacott



Roxanna Albayati
Rodrigo B. Camacho
Marat Ingeldeev
Ragnar Árni Oláfsson
Sara Rodrigues
Nicole Trotman


“Sistema” was created with the support of Funchal City Council and The Portuguese Regional Cultural Bureau (DRC) in 2018.

The New Maker Ensemble comes together in 2014 as a laboratory for experimentation with various forms of new music and performance art. It welcomes and brings together individuals of different backgrounds, assuming difference as richness rather than threatening otherness. Through a permeable culture of collaboration and interdisciplinarity, the group has developed extended notions of what music can be or interact with.

We stand holistically and investigatively before our ever-changing environment in its multiple dimensions and always approach creation critically. The development of a sharp sociopolitical consciousness, both in terms of content and form, is for us a prime concern, permanently reconsidering the implications of music’s role in contemporary societies and communities.

Our selected projects include the most recent “Sistema” (2018) at Teatro Baltazar Dias, Forum Machico and Centro Cultural John Dos Paços in Madeira Island and the workshop piece “Circular Exclusion” (2017) in Os Dias de Marvila / Zona Não Vigiada at Zona J in Lisbon, as well as our London concerts: “Under Control” (2017) at Arebyte Gallery, “Reading Room” (2017) in Open Platform at Wellcome Collection, “840 X NME: New Music for Voices and Strings” (2016) at St. James Church, “Blind Plural” (2016) at Hundred Years Gallery, “Zealous X” (2016) at Rich Mix, “Social Amnesia” (2016) in Pure Gold Festival at South Bank Centre, “In Review” (2016) in Content Exhibition at Harts Lane Gallery, “John in a Cage” (2915) at Chalton Gallery and “PLACE | HATCHAM” (2016)  in Sounds Between Festival at Ivy Arts Centre, Guildford.




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