IKLECTIK presents,

with Cerpintx – sainsŵn – Jake Williams – Soundcamp – Laura Netz

Saturday 19 June 2021 | 8pm (doors 7.30pm)

Tickets £8:

Sonic Electronics proposes an anti-techno-capitalist approach to music genres like ambient, drone, techno, experimental, electronics, acousmatic, live coding, noise, vaporwave, glitch, industrial, post-punk, new wave.

Sonic Electronics proposes an inclusive event to the LGBT community, female artists, no discrimination on gender, race, MH, disability.



Cerpintxt is an electroacoustic post-ape progress report from the cosmic madhouse, through the medium of voice, auto-destruction, wind-guided experiments in protoconversation. Her work is concerned with generating an invented language of a particular strain of softness through phonetic entropy and augmented instrumentation. While the textural counterparts rely on seismic detectors, broken turntablism, artefact-based interdependent generative sampling, prepared Kacapi, and hydrophones. The hauntological element of her work explores a form of sonic activism against the weaponization of love in Egypt.

sainsŵn is + ddim. yw hunaniaeth+ is not identity. sainsŵn between realiti. yn cael ei adeiladu a’I constructed. gwnaethoch chi adeiladu ac constructing. under construction and construction. you built and built. on-flow yn dod i ben mewn amser. is listening a pheidio â gwrando. is noise and ac nid sŵn. is not object, is fflwcs. sainsŵn is product. purchase + masnach + copi + distribute. ti’n gwneud . sainsŵn. you are sainsŵn. rhifau ydych chi ac and not numbers. you are poembody electric. sainsŵn is paraseit. sainsŵn is language and action. is host/ westeiwr . malevolent audio systems. invite you become parasite. eich gwahodd i ddod yn barasit. listening services for the third modernity | gwasanaethau gwrando ar gyfer y trydydd moderniaeth 

Jake Williams – Shazam Walks & Voice Notes. In the spring / summer of 2020, the global pandemic seemed to temporarily transform the way music is listened to in the city. In the absence of licensed premises or large corporate music festivals, all of the music that is heard in public spaces is generated by the people that live there. Using a mobile device, I have been recording the soundscapes of various squares and parks of East London, where bike-speakers and portable sound systems often create ad-hoc, community-generated listening environments. I use fragments of the recorded audio and the original tracks (identified via the music-recognition app Shazam) as counterpoints in abstract DJ performances. As well as celebrating the soundscape of the area, the work seeks to reframe portable and public musical expression as a vital tool for opening up thresholds of possibility and constructive disorder in the city.
Jake cut his teeth playing live electronics with the avant-jazz band Red Snapper, as well as writing music and sound design for major TV shows and releasing occasional well-received techno records.  He currently works as a composer, performer, researcher and educator with particular interest in radical uses of digital DJ technology.  He regularly performs solo and with a number of different international audio visual and live art collaborations.


Soundcamp Live streams mixed by Soundcamp and the Acoustic Commons network. Soundcamp are an arts cooperative based in London, Crete and the The Hague. Work explores intersections among social, personal and environmental ecologies. The Acoustic Commons network  (2020-22) work with live environmental streams. Partners are: FON Barrow, Locus Sonus Aix, CONALubljana, Cyberforest Tokyo, SC London and others elsewhere. With the support of Arts Council England and the Creative Europe programme of the European Union. Links
Laura Netz, DIY, handmade, open-source hardware/software, techno noise.


• There will be hand sanitizers available at the venue.
• On arrival, we’ll be checking guest temperatures with a contact free thermometer. Anyone with temperature above 38 degrees or COVID-19 symptoms will not be permitted into the venue.
• Face masks must be worn at all times inside of the venue; please notify us if you are exempt from wearing it.