SPARC Symposium 2019

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SPARC and IKLECTIK present,

LAND MUSIC: sound practices in the age of ecological crisis

Saturday 14 September – doors 10.30am | SIGN UP FOR FREE

Ecological thinking, beyond the conventional understanding of environment, asks us to consider new ways of imagining how we conceive of and consider the world. As Donna Haraway writes, “[…] another world is not only urgently needed, it is possible, but not if we are ensorcelled in despair, cynicism, or optimism, and the belief/disbelief discourse of progress”. The third SPARC Symposium will consider this shift in thinking and consider how to respond to this moment of crisis through the lens of sound practice from a variety of perspectives including talks, discussions, concerts and a foraging and jam making event.
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Programme at IKLECTIK
(symposium full program below):

Foraging and making jam with Clare Qualmann

Concert with Nell Catchpole, Leo Chadburn, Jan Hendrickse, Amber Priestley

Clare Qualmann

Ph Credit: Walkingborders

“My work stems from an obsession with the ordinary and the unnoticed, looking for beauty in the everyday mundane. Collecting and collating words, images and artefacts forms the basis for sculptural and installation works. These are long-term ongoing projects that dictate their own form, or have no fixed form, shifting as they develop so that they might never be resolved in one ‘finished’ piece. Everyday materials – accessible materials like paper and thread, found fabrics, ephemera, form the core of my making – combined with existing objects, photography and drawing. The focus is on my own familiar, the urban environment that I inhabit. Domesticity is a recurring theme; examining the repetitions and routine of the quotidian. I relish the development of arcane skills, committing hundreds of hours of work to an object or an idea”. Clare Qualmann


SPARC Symposium Full Programme:

DAY 1  // Thursday 12 September
Music Department at City, University of London –  College Building: Performance Space
Opening concert with sets by Cathy Lane and Mariam Rezaei

DAY 2 // Friday 13 September
Music Department at City, University of London – College Building: Performance Space
Symposium with speakers including Amina Abbas-Nazari, Tanya Auclair, Joe Browning, Gabriel Dattatreyan, Lily Green, Tonia Ko, Clare Qualman, Cathy Lane, Sam Lee, Sylvia Lim, Heloise Tunstall-Behrens
multi.modal record launch
Concert with Aaron Einbond, Matilde Meierless, Cath Roberts, Benedict Taylor, David Toop