Sunun + Me, Claudius + Gareth JS Thomas

IKLECTIK and Bezirk present,

Sunun + Me, Claudius + Gareth JS Thomas

Sat 9 March – doors 7:30pm, music 8:00pm| £7 adv / £9 door BUY TICKETS (fees apply)

IKLECTIK and Bezirk present a night of mixing desk experiments, percussive loops and drenched ambience. From the machine dub pulses of Bokeh Versions’ Sunun, to the off-kilter rhythms of Bezirk’s Me, Claudius and Gareth JS Thomas.


Sunun has a luring command of dials and limbs and drum skins that’s as grounded as it’s mystical – these machines have ghosts in them. Between debut Ooid’s modulated insect noises and crushed cymbals there are stories of when & why things were recorded that adds an aching humanity to the 5 machine dub pulses on her first official release. People who’ve seen her live have witnessed Sunun’s forest of wires and microphones and harps all feeding her 20 channel desk. She dubs it old-world style, but the results are always forward – making a 22nd century chorus from thousands of years of human feedback.

Me, Claudius

Me, Claudius music is shaped by a distinct sense of placement and alien groove, made from field recordings, record skips and car radio transmissions.

Her percussion is sounds just on the edge of familiarity, the creaks, buzzes and whirs that infiltrate our subconscious. But from the murk they congeal again and again into glitched out, dub affected rhythms.

Me, Claudius is an experimental musician living in a village in Southern England. Latest release Good Diz, Bad Bird (Bezirk) follows Back to the Sweat-Out Tower (2018 Linear Obsessional) and Reasons for Balloons (2017 Dinzu Artefacts). 

Gareth JS Thomas

A hot mess of broken keyboards, cheap guitar pedals, tape machines and radio static, augmented to create ambient and minimalist percussive loops layered with metallic drones and drowsy vocals. Gareth can often be found playing guitar in USA Nails, and has featured live and on record with Sly & The Family Drone on drums.