IKLECTIK presents,


Wednesday 29 June 2022 | 8pm [7:30pm door] – 11:30pm

Tickets: £6 Concessions / £8 Advance / £11 OTD

An evening of music that is tough to situate, literally. The Zone of Iklectik will play to host to both super absent, and super present entities in a programme of intentionally slippery performances. An evening to commune with sonic ghosts of the past, present and future. The RCM Experimental Music Ensemble present works by Alvin Lucier, and Mica Levi that defocus attention and weird the mundane. Anton Lukoszevieze’s Solo for Conductor, written for and performed by Jack Sheen refocuses attention on the maestro’s body in strange new ways. SanBonYa are a muscular new trio of Trombone (Alex Paxton), Amplified Violin (Chihiro Ono), and Synths (Neil Luck) tooled specifically to repel each across space. The Haunted Network Research Initiative (HNRI) curate a selection of videos that bind this soup.

Performer: RCM Experimental Music Unit
(Aidan Chan, Liam Dougherty, Michelle Hromin, Rieko Makita Phoebe Rayner, Oscar Ridout, Shoshanah Sievers)

Alvin Lucier – Opera with Objects
Mica Levi – Thoughts Are Born
And possibly something else…

Performer: Jack Sheen
Piece: Solo for Conductor by Anton Lukoszevieze

Performer: Sanbonya (Neil Luck, Chihiro Ono, Alex Paxton)
Improvised set

Artists bio


SanBonYa / 三本矢 (the three arrows) are a muscular new trio of Trombone (Alex Paxton), Amplified Violin (Chihiro Ono), and Synths (Neil Luck) Formed in 2021, they play wild fanfares, calling across small rooms and vast spaces in weird and desperate languages. All 3 members are acclaimed composers and performers in their own rights, working internationally under various guises…

Jack Sheen

Jack Sheen is a conductor and composer from Manchester. He regularly works with leading orchestras, ensembles, galleries, and artists on concert and operatic performances, commissions, installations, and interdisciplinary projects. He is the Co-Director of London Contemporary Music Festival (‘the capital’s most adventurous and ambitious festival of new music’ The Guardian, ‘London’s most important festival’, The Wire) and Co-Founder of the critically acclaimed LCMF Orchestra.

RCM Experimental Music Group

The RCM Experimental Group is a collection of forward thinking, advanced students from the Royal College of Music London. They draw on a diverse range of experimental music practices and pieces from the 20th and 21st centuries.


The Haunted Network Research Initiative are an organisation dedicated to archiving and preserving the work of the composer Cameron Dodds. Through research, collaboration, and Cybernetic Strega Hacking, the HNRI aims to contextualise both Dodds’ work and the aesthetic realm surrounding it. The HNRI are currently in the process of willing themselves into existence.