Sat 9 Sep 7PM | £7 adv

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Sat 9 Sep 7PM | £7 adv
Tse Tse Fly Middle East: London Debut – BUY TICKETS; Facebook Event Link


7PM – Doors

7.30PM – 8PM – Tse Tse Fly-curated selection of experimental video plus short films showcasing the charities and organisations’ work.

8PM – 8.30PM – Q&A with Tse Tse Fly founder Simon Coates

8.30PM – 10PM – three live performances from members of the Tse Tse Fly collective and extended family: Tonal Liberation Army, Kareem Samara and Dushume.

Formed in the UAE in 2015 by artist Simon Coates, the relocation of experimental music platform Tse Tse Fly Middle East from Dubai to London witnesses its evolution from monthly club night to a politically-motivated non-profit organisation.

Unable to voice any kind of opinion on the pervading human rights and censorship issues in the Middle East and surrounding countries, whilst living in Dubai for fear of state censure, Coates now has the chance to expand the platform into a social enterprise highlighting work done by charities and organisations in the region. Thus the live Tse Tse Fly Middle East nights retain their unique mix of experimental video art and live sonic performance but with an added set of messages, as each event will now highlight charities and organisations that focus on human rights and censorship issues in the Middle East, Africa and the Indian subcontinent.

The evening will support five charities/organisations: FORWARD UK (FGM, child marriage and obstetric fistula), Labour Behind the Label (supporting garment workers’ rights), Amnesty International (human rights and justice), Index On Censorship (supporting freedom of expression) and the International Labour Organisation (workers’ rights).

Read our interview with Simon Coates here.


Tonal Liberation Army 2

Tonal Liberation Army

A duo of Ian Faragher (founder of London’s Sonic Imperfections night) and Nigel Bryant (The Untied Knot, RIM ACD). Tonal Liberation Army employ duration, deceleration and microtonal guitar tuning to explore music that lies between the traditional intervals of the equal tempered scale.


Kareem Samara 2

Kareem Samara

Kareem Samara is multi-instrumentalist and composer from London. His work focuses on the electro acoustic possibilities of (traditional Arab instrument) the oud and Arabic music. Kareem recently took part in London’s acclaimed Shubbak Festival, performing a set of live oud layers and drum loops.



Dushume aka Amit D Patel is an experimental noise artist/musician from Leicester who is influenced by Asian underground music and DJ culture. His work focuses on performing and improvising with purpose built do-it-yourself instruments, and how looping techniques, re-mixing and re-editing approaches can shape studio works. Lack and loss of control are central to his work.