VVFA x CSM MAID presents: Sound Systems — A Lunar Folklore

IKLECTIK presents,

VVFA x CSM MAID presents: Sound Systems — A Lunar Folklore

Thursday 1 December 2022 | Doors: 7:30pm | Start: 8pm
Our outdoor Kiosk opens 1 hour before the event.

Tickets: £6 Advance / £8 OTD https://link.dice.fm/fb98fadf272c

An evening of sonic speculations and audible narratives told through the design and performance of otherworldly rituals and instruments.

“[Designing] at the intersection of speculative fiction and anthropology, we find a sense of epistemological humility about the kind of worlds we could or should inhabit. Yet epistemological humility should not be confused with futility: possibilities and potentialities still matter. We do not know what we are capable of, and yet that need not keep us from the pursuit of what ifs. Through the imaginative interpellations of speculative fiction, [we] gravitate toward new localities and means of presence: ecological, technological, Afro-futuristic [etc]. Facing the imminent prospect of both disaster and discovery, they call us to resist despair and to craft tangible ways of shaping and repairing the worlds we still hope for.” — Anderson Ryan, Emma Louise Backe, Taylor Nelms, Elizabeth Reddy, and Jeremy Trombley (Dec 2018). Speculative Anthropologies, Theorizing the Contemporary, Fieldsights

Sound Systems is an attempt at flattening the relationship between sonic experiences, and music as a source of intellectual exploration. We travelled to far away lands and spaces, like explorers of new landscapes, to report back our findings in the form of sonic experiences — their performances, hopefully, informing new meanings, shining new lights on our relation to the world.

“Sound system powered by AMOENUS. AMOENUS is an art organisation that facilitates, educates, curates and promotes immersive art centred around 3D sound”.