Women In Experimental

Musica Dispersa & IKLECTIK present,

Women In Experimental

Wednesday 25 September – doors 7.30pm – start 8pm | £7 adv / £9 otd | BUY TICKETS


Women in Experimental is focused in the work of femenine artists in the fields of experimental music, here in iklectik we show the works of spanish artists from industrial acts wich remember the beginning of this sounds to noise through synth and to close the event with a noise act by amazing italian artist Lametafisica.


IKLECTIK Programme:

Amas, Barcelona
Beatrix Weapons, Murcia
Jana Jan, Bilbao
Lametafisica, Italy
Narcoleptica, Madrid


AMAS (Barcelona)

Amas are brave women who plunge into the dark depths of consciousness to bring us pearls of wisdom. An experimental post-industrial duo, formed by Ivana Ray Singh and Maria Gatasanta, key figures of the Barcelonese underground scene and the founders of labels such as A Love Supreme, Màgia Roja and Shaddock among others. His music is channeled by rhythm, sometimes minimal and lysergic, other crushing and hypnotic, guided by a voice that invokes and banishes at Will. On live they incorporate elements of ritual performance to further immerse the audience in their universe.


Beatrix Weapons (Murcia)

Beatrix Weapons is an individual project with a glimpse into the age and consumption of the internet. Immersed in the new sounds born in Soundcloud, Beatrix produces everything from the most raver to electronics to the darkest street beats. Ableton, raw letters and virtual power are his weapons.


Lametafisica (Italy)


From Italy she is one of great noise artists of the new era, a extreme harsh noise wall, aesthetics and a kind of conexion with other dimensions through noise. Visuals, unicorns and white and pink noise.



Jana Jan (Bilbao)

Ph Credit: Frederic Navarro

Itziar Markiegui, Sound plasticity, improvisation and saturated atmospheres generated to share the desconstruction and mixing of field, error, texture, body, and core recordings. Exploration in the creation and manipulation of the sound, decontextualisation of diverse field recordings, through improvisation and the creative use of recording errors, accidents, and the body as an active instrument generator.
Noisy plastic/improviser, a component of Baba-Llaga, Mental Anorexia, SEXtoD and by herself as Jana Jan y TetaFX.


Narcoleptica (Madrid)

Beatriz Vaca making noise. Experimentation, mixing sound sources (traditional… instruments and VST, programming, phonography and voice), ‘Live-Looping: a sonic layering experience’, sound spaces to inhabit intense, evocative and emotional atmospheres where the listener can choose to follow one or another vanishing point.