WORKSHOP: Data sonification and Living Machines

IKLECTIK presents,

WORKSHOP: Data sonification and Living Machines

Saturday 10 June 2023 | 11am – 2pm

Tickets: £35

Living Capsules is the umbrella name we give to our art pieces that are being born out of an ongoing transdisciplinary collaboration primarily between an artist and sociologist who share interests in the relations between senses, bodies, and technologies. This workshop is an attempt to share some of our recent research together with a sound artist in the blending new practices through material and sensory engagements.

Our workshop would be presented in two parts: first we will enter a conceptual space within the central question of: How might we come to live with Living Machines Therefore, the participants will engage with ideas such as biohybrid bodies and biomimetic and biofabricated systems. The intent is to use an ethnographic approach to accommodate common ideas to each participant to create and elect qualities and future data about its own living capsule.

Secondly, we will share and learn some techniques of sonification, that means create sounds from a diversity of data from simple to complex softwares. Any computer could be used for this articulation and it’s possible to create a small piece individually or collectively.
Our work-in-progress will be after shown in a binaural interface after the workshop during the performance: “Biohybrid buzz”. The idea of our sound capsules is to express futures where data and machines differently inhabit or intimately relate to our bodies. The aim of this experiment is to disrupt how our audiences sense technology as living and/or non-living and critically reflect on body technology–society relations, both now and in the future.

Plan of How to Solicit Participation

The participants will be invited to discuss themes as biohybrid bodies and biomimetic and biofabricated systems and to make notes about possible outcomes in the near future. In the second moment the participants will be using a computer to create sounds from computer data. They will be challenged to research and compose sounds. No previous experience is needed, audience from all levels of knowledge in sound art field is invited. We encourage participants to bring their own laptop/computer.

Joana Burd

Photo by Ram Shergill

Joana Burd is an artist, educator and researcher of haptic aesthetics and sound art. She is collaborating as Honorary Research Assistant at the UCL Knowledge Lab working as a collaborator on the project, ‘Biohybrid Bodies: a sociological framework for living with Living Machines’. Joana is currently writing up her PhD research at Facultat de Belles Arts, Universitat de Barcelona, where she is also working as lecturer. Joana has presented seven solo exhibitions, in the past year she exhibited her work in London (UCL, RCA), SBCAST (Santa Barbara, CA, USA), RIW (Rio de Janeiro) and Atelie397/Galeria Vermelho (São Paulo).

Nikolas Gomes

Nikolas Gomes is a sound artist and musician currently based in Lisbon studying a Masters in Production and Technologies of Sound at Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias. His work deals mostly with the intersection of musical production and sound art, looking to push the boundaries between these two fields. As a self-taught programmer and DIY enthusiast, he focuses his research on the development of interactive audiovisual devices that can present new ways of interacting with sonic materials. Through them, he hopes to bring people closer to technology-based artworks.

Ned Barker

Photo by Ram Shergill

Ned Barker is a sociologist of technology and the body based at the UCL Knowledge Lab. He is currently PI of ‘Biohybrid Bodies: a sociological framework for living with Living Machines’, funded by the Leverhulme Trust. As an experienced ethnographer Ned combines sensory, creative, and collaborative methods to explore the complex relations between body, technology, and society.

Cover by: Ram Shergill andDr Tchern Lenn – Model: Luiza Kessler

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