Artwork by Monkey Rob

IKLECTIK presents,


Friday 14 January 2022 | 7pm till Midnight

Tickets: £8 Advance | £10 otd https://buytickets.at/iklectik/631727

This 1st event is a celebration of beauty and chaos in gentle balance and also partially my (Edward’s aka XOLO’s organiser’s…) birthday party. Starting with the sublime warmth of Hierophant, then the delightful coded sonics and visuals of Ben Nodes followed by Deep Vain whose pieces always beguile and ending with the multi-voiced A/V experience that is the Infinite Monkeys (I may possibly join in with them also!), this event is intended as a winter warmer to the year.


Hierophant – live hardware set
Ben Nodes – live-coded A/V set
Deep Vain – live-coded set
INFINITE MONKEYS – multi source/artist live A/V set


Paul Hierophant

Born in London Paul started out as a club DJ, then record shop manager, then producer. 
Since those first Dj gigs, Paul’s underlying motivation has and always will be the music; ambient, hip hop, breakbeat, soul, funk, dub, boogie, electro and Detroit techno: urban music with deep roots, social conscience and soul. 
His DJ sets fuse hi-tech electro with Detroit techno, ambience, breaks and acid, a proper journey into soulful hi-tempo electronics.
His live sets are powered by modular synthesis, analog drum machines, effects pedals and bass; dub techno meets electro meets ambient meets Hierophant. 

Ben Nodes

Ben Nodes is a visual artist and musician currently based in London, England. He is most known for his work in analog video, glitch art and audio-visual performance. His colourful and often distorted visuals have been seen in galleries and festivals across Europe as well as live audio-visual performances throughout the UK.

Deep Vain

Composer and producer Deep Vain is interested in recontextualising sounds that hold emotional histories: her pieces layer together repurposed pop samples, field recordings and sometimes poetry to build new narratives from a sprawling archive of sound fragments. Supported by a committed and open community of live-coders, she has used tools such as TidalCycles as a primary musical medium for several years, drawn to their semi-improvisational, unpolished affordances and affinity for repetition. Melody emerges among muddy drones, evolving in algorithmic iteration, and the cycle goes on.


This collective varies in number and personage, though mainly consists of Monkey Rod, Dimitri and Vytas on visuals. 

Theorem states that monkeys with projectors, synthesizers and an infinite amount of time could produce an AV version of “Selected Ambient Works 87-93/95“. This theorem was tried in real life, but only for a month. The five monkeys involved produced 7 minutes of cow sounds, slammed projectors and synthesizers with a stone and ate 21kg of bananas. Infinite Monkeys are Infinite. The ones listed below are available for adoption, and highly likely will be performing on the show. Feel free to feed the Monkeys under your sole responsibility.

Dimitris Kyriakoudis

Musician, Live Coder, HCI Researcher at University of Sussex, Philosopher, Sound Artist, Woodworking Enthusiast. He likes to play and cuddle, enjoys eating peanuts with shell, and a good collective grooming ritual. Occasionally transmorphs into w1n5t0n.


he/him/they __–––Telling computers what to do ––––––(he/him/his)–––__ (˘⌣˘ ) Creative Code Freak, Sound Artist, Modular Synths Fan and Various Machines and Sound Gadgets Enthusiast. Easily recognisable because of the vibrant coloration of his face and behind, he loves nuts, fruits, and seeds, but also eats meat in the form of bird’s eggs, small lizards, and insects. https://www.instagram.com/odmundeetgen/

Monkey Rob

Architect, DJ, Field Recording Aficionado, Speeches Excerpts Devotee, and Sound Artist. His favourite bananas always from Canary islands. After a thorough grooming, the insulation value of his pelt increases by as much as 50 percent. https://www.instagram.com/monkeyrobbb/

Vytas Niedvaras

Visual artist. Reflect, refract, and refrain… From ready-made and the commonplace to bespoke state-of-the-art technology, Vytautas Niedvaras’ practice engages in polarities described by technocentric views of the last three decades. He eats almost nothing but bamboo, and uses his prehensile tail to move from one tree to another. https://www.instagram.com/vytas.vytas/


“Sound system powered by AMOENUS. AMOENUS is an art organisation that facilitates, educated, curates and promotes immersive art centred around 3D sound”.