Thu 13 July, 8PM | £6

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apologies in advance

Apologies in Advance #6
Thu 13 July, 8PM | £6 otd – Facebook event link

Sixth edition of regular platform for artists presenting work in progress. Performances from Secluded Bronte, Kate Carr and Ash Reid.

Kate Carr

Kate Carr’s work explores our complex and contradictory relationship with the natural world. Her music blurs the boundaries between instruments and field recordings, underlining the intersections and overlaps between nature and culture and the myriad of incomplete ways we attempt to make sense of these terms. It explores place and non-place, being and imagining.

Secluded Bronte

Secluded Bronte is a modular formation most often featuring Jonathan Bohman, Adam Bohman and Richard Thomas. Jonathan and Adam Bohman have been writing, recording and performing experimental music as The Bohman Brothers since 1975. Richard Thomas has been active as a composer, performer, broadcaster, writer since the late 1980s. Secluded Bronte formed in 2001, their work is conceptual and fuses text, concréte and abstract sounds. One critic dubbed it “music theatre from hell”. Their debut LP Secluded In Jersey City was recorded in New Jersey in 2002 but published belatedly in 2014 by the American label Pogus. They are currently working on a triple LP and the film projects Against Cinema, with filmmaker James Holcombe (, and Bronte Country with the artist Andy Holden. Four Perfect Balls, a collaborative LP with the violinist Panos Ghikas, is forthcoming on Migro Records.

Ash Reid

Ash Reid plays variously by herself, with Liene Rozīte or Ali Robertson when available, and intermittently as the muddy bank of Pond Scum. She also edits videos, runs the cult of Ackerism with artist Kari Robertson, and wishes she was part of Vin Diesel’s Dungeons & Dragons group.