(5) Exhibition + OverGround Collective Small Band Concert – Thursday 21st January – 6pm

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(5) Drawing Exhibition – Openning at 6pm

Beatriz Brum
Francisca Aires Mateus
Margarida Pina
Maria Bernardino
Mónica Coelho

OverGround Collective Small Band Concert – 8pm

Paulo Dias Duarte is a Portuguese composer based in London whose work is based on the relationship between improvisation and pre-composed material.

For his concerts, Paulo puts together different groups of improvisers with distinctive improvisational languages and techniques, turning these events into unique experiences where the different approaches to improvisation create an eclectic musical landscape where the improviser itself is a part of the score.

Duarte’s ability to write music that is at once melodic and accessible but highly challenging and unexpected where the improvised elements hold primacy, is the key to the inevitable success of this music”   In London Jazz News


Paulo Dias Duarte – 

Chris Williams – Alto saxofone

Rachel Musson
- Tenor saxofone

Andre Canniere – 

Raph Clarkson -

Ruth Goller – Bass

Jon Scott – Drums

Suggestions donations £5