Always Coming Home | Part 1

A—Z and IKLECTIK present,

Always Coming Home | Part 1

Saturday 2 September 2023 | Start: 4:30pm
Our Kiosk opens 1 hour before staring.

Tickets: £15 General Admission
 If you can’t afford the tickets please email:

Considered as a small A—-Z festival, this all day event revolves around speculative landscapes from the synthetic to the sensual and otherworldly. Mainly AV Sets and live performances will explore embodied practices through sound and visual sensories, the acts will expand on affective elements shared together.

*Always Coming Home is a “title-hommage” to the 1985 science fiction novel by Ursula K. Le Guin. Its written style alternate a narration, pseudo-textbook and pseudo-anthropologist’s record. It describes the life and society of the Kesh people, a cultural group who live in the distant future long after modern society has collapsed.


4.30pm-5.10pm – Matt Carter (AV Live)
5.30-6.10pm – Mohammed Rowe (Live) 
Man Like Alex (AV throughout 2/3 videos 2/3min each)  
6.20- 7pm Guy Ronen 
7.10-7.50pm – Proteus (Live)
8pm – 8:40pm utopian_realism (AV Live)
8:40pm Johann Arens (DJ Set)
9pm – 9:40pm  Josh Woolford (Live Performance)
10pm – 10:40pm Zein Majali (AV Live)
11pm – 11:40pm ex.sses (Live)

Johann Arens

Johann Arens works with installation and video to survey how shared infrastructures impact our communal life and shape civil behaviour. These site-related installations take place in facets of the public domain; at community centres, schools, hospitals, digital learning centres, internet cafes, local markets as well as art spaces and are tailored to be platforms to celebrate and mushroom forms of communality. He has realised public art commissions with Arnolfini, Bold Tendencies, Jerwood, Kettle’s Yard and UCL Culture, and works since 2020 with researcher Dr. Hanna Baumann on the long-term project Another Provision

Matt Carter

Matt Carter is an artist living and working in London. His practice comprises and often combines different forms of cultural production, including video, sound, text, performance, design and curation. His work draws from the everyday, remixing video, images and sound recorded on-the-fly into newly formed environments which act as points of departure from, or sites of critical interrogation into, the physical and socio/cultural structures we inhabit.


ex.sses (she/they) is an experimental sound artist, electronic producer and DJ. She initially came on the scene in 2018 as the founder of Earwax, an ongoing project based platform for sound artists of marginalised genders. ex.sses’ ties to experimental sound and club culture have since manifested in EP releases Relic (Cherche Encore, 2021), Buried (Hard Return, 2021) and most recently Scanner (TT, 2022) which premiered on DJ Mag. As well as singles for compilations including Pollination and Earful of WAV’s out this year. These releases, in addition to their online presence, have gained attention over the past year, resulting in dark, club-focused DJ sets for Keep Hush, Circadian Rhythms and Platforms (Corsica Studios), and electronic live performances for Comic Sans label tour, Hidden Door Festival and Iklectik that expand on ex.sses’ exploration of sonic intimacy, hauntology and the gendered body.

Man Like Alex

ManLikeAlex a self taught, hybrid shooter, based in London. His practice often documents events related to music and behind the scenes of everyday life. Collaboration and documentation are central to his practice. Underpinning themes of research encompass personal experiences, performances and blackness. A previous member of the Playmaker team working as production assistant. Alex s role varies from producing social media and digital content, (BTS photography to videography)

Zein Majali

Zein Majali is a Jordanian-Palestinian artist currently based in London. Through video, sound and installation, Zein examines the accelerated cultural shifts online and in the Arab world.


Feral Sound Proteus explores industrial and modernist electronics. Intimate//Challenging soundscapes, ritual catharsis.


utopian_realism (Alessandro Moroni) originates from a fascination with the aesthetics and communities revolving around internet-native music genres and explores concepts of nostalgia cycles, controlled escapism, commodified utopian narratives and collapsing myths of progress.

Mohammed Rowe

Mohammed Rowe is an artist born and raised in London, who uses sound as a medium of expression and communication. His works include elements of found sound, experimental and improvised music, and his compositions tend to draw from the immediate environment. He uses an array of processes and recording techniques in order to capture and mould different forms of composition. His approach has also incorporated his sound into interactive installations, moving image, theatre and performance through collaborations with artists from different disciplines which continue to enrich his own approach.

Guy Ronen

Guy Ronen is an artist working between video, sound, text, technology, and installations. Across different mediums, they question and explore the potential of storytelling as a capacious tool for expression and a path through which to negotiate existing fictional and embodied structures. Weaving together found footage, lived experience and speculative material, Guy begins with a search after a common language punctuated by intimacy, slippage and difference.

Joshua Woolford

Ph credit: Berenice Mulenga

Joshua Woolford is a transdisciplinary artist working between performance, painting, sculpture, sound and installation. Born and raised in the South of England with mixed Waitukubuli* British heritage with African roots, Woolford has been actively seeking community and understanding of the world(s) around them from a young age. ‘Calling out and addressing experiences of violence, aggression and misalignment is central to my work; often starting from cultural research, recounting literature or a personal experience (being of the queer Black Afro-Caribbean diaspora and living in Europe). States of reflection, transition and action are instrumental in disrupting existing narratives and enable me to process my sociopolitical context through and within my practice’ Woolford graduated Cum Laude from the Design Academy Eindhoven (Media and Culture), and more recently with an MA from the Royal College of Art (Contemporary Art Practice). Notable exhibitions include live performances at the Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven, Habait theatre in Tel Aviv, and Gallerie V in Cambridge. As well as exhibiting and performing in multiple institutions across London, including HOME by Ronan Mckenzie, Soho House, Somerset House, Black Cultural Archives and the V&A. * Waitukubuli is commonly known as Dominica and was labelled so by Spanish colonisers.

“Sound system powered by AMOENUS. AMOENUS is an art organisation that facilitates, educates, curates and promotes immersive art centred around 3D sound”.